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    Starting GMU in the fall

    so, i have been accepted into my Master's Program and will be starting this Fall. I'd like to join SCC but i didnt find it in the organizations on the Mason page. How to I get involved? Thanks.
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    Response to UK article on OC

    imported post For those of you who don't know, a July edition of Marie Claire UK features an article on Open carry. It is definitely slanted but not completely horrible. Here is one discussion about the articlei found on a UK forum.Apparently they hate me :) i have prepared a long response...
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    Did I just see you on 123?

    imported post Finally saw my first GSL sticker. By the time I noticed the car had passed and was multiple cars ahead so I couldn't get a pic. Maroon sedan. Personalized plates WEC SOC maybe. Me grey Honda GSL and VCDL magnets on either side of license plate. whoever it was, Good to see ya!!
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    Friday May 7th - Arlington OC Dinner

    imported post Friday May 7th, 7pm Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Cafe http://www.unclejulios.com4301 Fairfax Drive Arlington, VA 22203 (703) 528-3131 Hi all, There was some interest in doing a Arlington dinner but that never panned out so I am attempting to put a new dinner together. Sorry for...
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    Permission to use your likeness

    imported post You may have seen the post about the writer in London doing an article on OC focusing on woman specifically. She has asked that I send her photos of myself carrying. Since other people are in some of these pictures I wanted to make sure it was ok with them first. I know "once its...
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    Thanks for the Hospitality

    imported post I have driven through WV a few times with hubby on the way to Ohio. just this weekend we stopped at a dinner/gas station on Rt 50 (about 30 miles east of 77) at around 10pm. As hubby pumped gas I ran in to get some coffee. There we three or four guys at the counter, one a WV game...
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    November 1st - Dinner in Woodbridge

    imported post Hi all. wjxavierand I have been talking about getting together this weekend. As we seem to be getting an influx of new members we thought we would extent the invite to everyone. So far it looks like Applebees in Woodbridge at 6pm 13850 Noblewood Plaza Woodbridge, VA 22193...
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    Disturbing story

    imported post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/27/police-people-watched-gan_n_334975.html what is wrong with people? RICHMOND, Calif. -- Police believe as many as a dozen people watched a 15-year-old girl get beaten and gang-raped outside her high school homecoming dance without...
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    You don't need a gun! Act like a dog

    imported post slightly off topic but interesting http://www.pawnation.com/2009/10/27/woman-wards-off-burglar-doing-dog-impression/ A potential case of breaking and entering this week was thwarted by one woman's barking and pretending.According to the Associated Press, a woman in Athens...
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    Anti at work

    imported post This guy at work is driving me nuts. Some how we got on the topic of gun ownership -I mentioned the upcoming Freedom Rally. He thinks that is ridiculous and that organizing with guns is "really helpful" (sarcasm). Hedoesn't believe people are smart enough to make the right...
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    Why Does Daddy Wear a Gun? - Book

    imported post Iwas so excited when I saw this add and ordered it immediately - THANKS John. So it came in the mail yesterday afternoon and last night we read it to our 4 yo daughter. She loved it. we would ask her the questions and she would answer. She knows that daddy isn't a police man or...
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    Open Carry in VA National Parks

    imported post A reading of the full text shows the new rules for guns in national parks is nothing like the Bush rules change. Under the Bush rules change the carrying of a firearm would have been treated the same as in state parks. That meant CC in VA national The new law does not contain...
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    CHP change of address

    imported post I have a FFX county CHP. We moved last year and Ididn't change the address on it or my license. Just changed my license a few weeks ago so now the addresses don't match. i don't want any trouble if have to show it - lobby day. do i need to change it? how hard is that? thanks
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    Great OC week

    imported post SoI have been OCing a lot more since I had the baby and especially since hubby is out of town for work. I am on maternity leave still so I spend a good portion of my day running errands. This week aloneI have been to Walmart like 4 times to pick up frames and scan pictures for my...
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    New generation of 2A supporters

    imported post Margaret Louisewas born at 1057am on Wednesday the 1st. 6lb 15oz 20 and 3/4 inches long. Everyone is healthy and happy at home and we can't wait to show her off at the next dinner. if anyone can tell me how to post a photo I would be happy to show youour little Maggie. :lol...
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    OC at Ruth;s Chris Stakehouse

    imported post My husband and I have been wanting to go to Ruth's Chris forever and have always eithertalked ourselves out of spending that kind of cabbageor not had a baby sitter. This weekend my husband is coming home after been gone for 2 weeks in NC and before that 2 weeks in Cali for work...
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    MMM site - VA statistics

    imported post I'm of the mind set where I like to know my enemy and familiarize myself with their point of view, no matter how skewed or unreasonable. So, I was checking out the million mom march site and found a link on the Virginia chapter page to view the deaths of children by firearms...
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    Spent a LONG weekend in NJ

    imported post So, on Thursday night I loaded up my car (but not my gun) and drove to NJ (Exit 16E for those of you who would ask.) Over the weekend I went to a play, to dinner at a nice Portuguese restaurant, a bridal shower, and a block party. All without PVT Malone (my SIG 239). I hadn't...
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    This is why I carry a gun

    imported post This is a good example of why it is important that you don't just depend on police to protect you. Check out this story... http://news.aol.com/story/_a/911-operator-who-cursed-at-caller-fired/20080515073709990001 This woman called 911 multiple times with no responseafter being...
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    "Event Sponsor"

    imported post Hi guys, I saw that Ed posted this in another forum and it made me think about an event I am hosting in June. §18.2-308 (J.3.): No person shall carry a concealed handgun onto the premises of any restaurant or club as defined in § 4.1-100 for which a license to sell and serve...