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  1. ComSec

    Visiting Minnesota need advice from locals

    Coming into Minneapolis today, I am licenced CC but OC 95% for 8+ years of the time, Im ready to conceal most of the time but Im sure some times i wont want to. Anything other than the basics i need to know about your state, I have already went through laws and all that, just checking for your 2...
  2. ComSec

    Mo guy needs help

    I moved out of ks awhile back. And I'm up here for an appointment I stopped in to a 711 and I saw a sign on the door that said it was a felony to have an unlicensed firearm on the premises. Can anyone shine in is this a propaganda poster or is there any actual legal standing to it and what is an...
  3. ComSec

    KC Meet June 9th 5pm

    KC Meet June 9th 5pm Location: Ihop Lees Summit, Mo
  4. ComSec

    Got stopped today in lees summit

    Well I was out walking today as I always do had some business at the gun shop a block from my house a cop pulls up to me and yells "dont shoot me" in a joking manor. ( he was trying to show me he was just making a contact) he said he got a call, and asked if he could talk to me, I told him yea...
  5. ComSec

    Show Me Guns in Lees Summit

    Well I got my FFL, im up and running out of the house so if you guys in the area need anything check with me, Ill cut give you the OC deal. And I hope to have the shop open soon here in Lees Summit, Ill keep you guys posted on the opening
  6. ComSec

    Calling all Vets WW2, KW, VW and others

    Im just finishing up my new site The National War Database, its going to be a collections of stories, photos, videos of veterans from wars, we are losing WW2 vets by the hundreds or more a day. Theres tons of facts and history still out there and I have wanted to do this for a while but never...
  7. ComSec

    Lees Summit Octoberfest

    I took the family over to the O-fest downtown in lees summit, they have been having NO GUN signs the last couple years, so when I was going down I deposited my weapon at a 2a friendly business, that agreed to secure it for me, I have known the owner for awhile and he is a CCW, but as I got down...
  8. ComSec

    Show Off Thread - I got my new shirts in time for the BBQ

    I made up a design and sent it over to a customer that I built her website, she does Tshirts and embroidery just got them in and there cool I just am going to remove the image on the front chest badgey looking
  9. ComSec

    IOC Site change up

    I desided to do a change up on IOpenCarry.com, im still working on getting a city list up there but moving to more of a news & info site, anyone interested in writing up any reviews or training stuff, anything you guys would like to see get going on it. Its still under construction but a...
  10. ComSec

    Taco Via in Lee's Summit, MO - To Funny

    So me and the family wanted to try something new and we decided on Taco Via, so we loaded the kids up and headed over. So we get there and NO SIGN so im good. We start off by noticing that is a very religious place, they have the last supper and the ten commandment on the wall and as I get up to...
  11. ComSec

    Anyone OC at City Market in downtown Kansas City

    Anyone OC at City Market in downtown Kansas City, im heading over sunday for a VW meet and wandering if anyone has been hassled or now if its "prohibited"
  12. ComSec

    visit to Moberly WalMart

    Driving upstate to the farm, we had to make a stop half way for the baby that is teething and freaking out, I forgot the meds at home. So I ran into walmart to get more, this is the story. Time 10:30pm Friday July 9th 2011 1st visit- went in, went straight to pharmacy was looking at Infants...
  13. ComSec

    Anyone in the Lees Summit area

  14. ComSec

    Customer Interactions

    as many of you now I do Computer Services and Web Design, ans I had two comments from customers today, that did not amount to anything but reflected on OC around customers. Customer #1 I meet a customer at a bank to receive a payment, and cash it at his bank, I meet him at the door and we...
  15. ComSec

    Itac Holster Problem- my suicide holster

    So I have always been a user of Serpa's and I just got a G23 and my buddy at a gun shop talked me into getting the Itac and I figured I would give it a try, I have not had ANY problems with the many Serpa's I have owned. So I cant run in the ITAC first clue I was going back to the Serpa, I...
  16. ComSec

    Fun at Ihop

    on Christmas day my wife and I took the girls to Ihop for lunch and Dinner, as we sat there for dinner I had a funny thought we both were doing something taboo in public, I was OCing and she was breastfeeding, we got a couple odd looks but the waitress was chatting with us most of the time. My...
  17. ComSec

    For people in states where cities can prohibit Open Carry (CITY LIST)

    I created a site to rank and comment on cities, people can give a thumbs up or down for legal or not. Also comment with problems, successes, & city codes. This is to help others confirm there findings, this site is was just launched and needs your input. If you have and comments about the site...
  18. ComSec

    NEW WEBSITE -City List

    AS POSTED ON THE MISSOURI BOARD as many of you know my kc map and list, I have been creating a system for us all to keep a list updated, I am working on going all states where legal but a city can ban it. I have got Missouri and Kansas up, check it out its in the BETA stage, so feed back is...
  19. ComSec

    NEW WEBSITE -City List

    as many of you know my kc map and list, I have been creating a system for us all to keep a list updated, I am working on going all states where legal but a city can ban it. I have got Missouri and Kansas up, check it out its in the BETA stage, so feed back is welcomed. you can give a city a...
  20. ComSec

    I get to OC again, finally

    after a couple months of no carry weapon, I am finally getting my new carry this weekend. after OCing for for a couple years 24/7 suddenly not being able to has been rough. This will be the last time I sell my carry weapon LOL I may start updating my map soon too, I need to freshen up on my...