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  1. okboomer

    December Gun Sales Record Are Above November

    Love, love, love my EMP ... dresses up or down and is a real sweet shooter! I hope you love your pair as much as I love mine :cool:
  2. okboomer

    Season's Blessings

    I would like to take a moment to say Happy Holidays to all my OCDO buddies and wish Season's Blessings to You and Yours. I hope those traveling have a safe trip, hope the kids make it home OK, and everyone has a great holiday! To help with the Holiday Spirit, I would like to offer the following...
  3. okboomer

    Coburn Refuses to endorse Gingrich

    Quite an interesting wording of his statement: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/12/04/gop_sen_coburn_on_gingrich_i_find_his_leadership_lacking.html
  4. okboomer

    Engage or not engage?

    I would recommend the Puma over the Marlin ... I had a Marlin and it was a nice little LA, but I got the Puma and it is such a higher quality of workmanship, I traded the Marlin off :lol: It was funny ... I shot the Puma and the ex says I was then "Marlin who?"
  5. okboomer

    Calling all 1911 lovers

    Mostly 1911 frame here, too ... along with several other mil-spec long guns :cool: Kimber UCII .45 I won this gun Springfield EMP 9mm Sweetness CZ75B Even with "small paws" I can shoot this with the factory grip
  6. okboomer

    Now they are after your food

    Farm-to-Fork Dinner Fiasco this is really scary yet is happening every week across the country.
  7. okboomer

    Something from 1948 to think about

  8. okboomer

    Moronic actions by another school board?

    Florida school committee approves handouts, then school board disapproves them. What kind of handouts? Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, Call to Arms. All because of who's name was in the printing credit.
  9. okboomer

    Martial Law anyone?

    http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/28/governor-says-congressional-elections-should-be-pushed-back-maybe/ She's backpedaling, but still, the statement was made and that tells me that some faction is definitely working to this end.
  10. okboomer

    This one I like!

    OK, I have seen several folks proposing T-shirt slogans and such. I ran across this one today and this one I LIKE!
  11. okboomer

    Home Invasion Video

    HARDE-HAR-HAR This video definitely makes the point! http://www.coiledsnake.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wypFgcqHyvc
  12. okboomer

    Wish List

    What I want is one more of everything I have already, plus some pistols chambered in .45 and .40/10mm to make matched sets for a couple of the semis I already have. There are also a few of the tribute 1911's that run in the NRA magazines that I would like to have. What I really want is a kit...
  13. okboomer

    Inhofe declares support for Rick Perry

    Well, I now predict that Oklahoma will vote for Rick Perry in the primary and the election. Although, Ron Paul and Palin are still 'within shouting distance'
  14. okboomer

    Here's one to watch

    West Virginia The Logan County Courthouse was packed Monday morning. About 100 people showed up to voice their support for Jesus Canul. Canul was charged with first degree murder following a shooting in the Walmart parking lot in Logan last week. Police say David Abbott went up to Canul, put...
  15. okboomer

    OT: Media help needed

    Hi All, I am involved with a terrible miscarriage of justice involving the 200 Rabbits Seized in Arvada, CO. FaceBookpage Part of the problem we are having is finding a media outlet that will at least report fair and balanced. So far, the only news media (I can provide links if needed) that...
  16. okboomer

    Any Ladies On Here with CUTE GUNS?

    I think these are cute: And here's why ... small paws ;)
  17. okboomer

    What will your primary Conceal carry pistol be ?

    Oh, oh, oh, another thread to show off my little darlings THANK YOU! :lol: Top: Kimber Ultra Carry II .45acp for the metro Middle: Springfield Armory EMP 9mm for around town Bottom: Beretta Bobcat .22 BUG Sadly, here in OK we still have to CC, but OC should be here soon! And I will need the CC...
  18. okboomer

    Rancher Murdered - Sheriff Says "Arm Yourselves"

    imported post Beginning of the story last week - Az. Rancher Murdered And now, warning US citizens to arm themselves amid calls by McCain to send troops to the boarder ...
  19. okboomer

    Ohio Judge Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves

    imported post Wow, if this isn't full on support for the 2A and how important it is still today ... http://www.truthistreason.net/ohio-county-judge-sheriff-tell-citizens-to-arm-themselves-during-financial-crisis
  20. okboomer

    Philadelphia Scare Tactics

    imported post Hi folks, A lady on another gun group I belong to has posted about this and I thought I would post it here ... with her permission. I would post a link to the thread but you would have to join a crochet group to see it :what: First post: Then we asked some questions and this...