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  1. z28power

    Question about Luke AFB Recreation area at Fort Tuthill camping

    Some friends of ours are planning a camping trip and are eligible to camp at the Fort Tuthill campgrounds, which are only eligible to military personnel. The directions on the website say to follow signs to the Luke AFB recreation area to get to the campground. My question in this case is...
  2. z28power

    Red Robin informed me they are a "Gun Free" establishment at dinner tonight

    It was a long week at work, so I decided after coming home and changing out of my work clothes that I was going to take my family to dinner. My daughter had been especially good today, I was informed, so we chose to let her pick where we would eat. As usual, she chose Red Robin. I figured I...
  3. z28power

    Local Credit Union (One Nevada) takes anti-gun stance at all branches

    Local Credit Union (One Nevada) takes anti-gun stance at all branches (Images inside) This was posted by a user on the local OC facebook group. One Nevada Credit Union, formerly Nevada Federal Credit Union, is taking an anti-gun stance at it's branch offices, quoting company policy... (which...
  4. z28power

    Do you vote in District 21? If so, you need to vote in the primaries (Important!)

    For your Assembly position. If 2nd amendment rights are important to you, this is a very close race. The difference is that one of the candidates appears to be completely in our corner. The other appears to take a wishy washy stance on the issues this forum would deem vital to our...
  5. z28power

    Clark County Primary election candidates meet and greet

    For anybody that might be interested, there's an event tomorrow being hosted by the libertarian party for candidates. There are many candidates attending, including Republicans and Democrats. Both of the District 21 Assembly candidates are going to be attending. I've contacted both of them...
  6. z28power

    Congress bill to cut funding to states that keep gun registry would affect NV

    Is this bill going to get any traction? If so, could help put another nail in the coffin for Clark County's Blue cards. http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/4380/text
  7. z28power

    Letter to Clark County Parks and Park Police

    So, I did a LOT of reading this morning on NRS 244.364 State Preemption, the AG opinion from 2010, CCC 19.04.060, and S.B. 92 and feel that The Attorney General made a mistake in not doing strict interpretation of the law as a court would properly do. Basically, CCC 19.04.060 is being used as...
  8. z28power

    Accessory question - quick attach/release light

    I'm looking for some options for a quick release and quick attach light for my Springfield XD40. It gets nightstand duty, but comes out when I'm OCing as well. My holster is not designed to support any light attachment, so I want to have a light that I can quickly attach and detach from the...
  9. z28power

    Metro PD is up for a Accreditation this month... Public input required - thoughts?

    Saw this on the news last night and wondered if it would be helpful to our cause with regard to improper enforcement in parks and libraries regarding state preemption. Basically, Metro PD recertifies with this national Law Enforcement Accreditation Agency every three years. Part of the...
  10. z28power

    IWB, switching from CC to OC before entering DMV - issues?

    Sorry - need to clarify - at DMV Obviously I can switch CC to OC anytime I want... I just want to stay armed at the DMV if I'm legally able to :) If I'm CCing during work hours to avoid any work complications or issues, and I need to go renew my license during the day... If i just tuck my...
  11. z28power

    Open Carry with young children

    I am new to Open Carry and with a 3 year old, I know that as soon as I start I will inevitably get the two favorite questions she has right now: "What's that?" and "What are you doing with that?" I'm all for straightforward education and was originally just planning on explaining to her that it...