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  1. kd6sxa

    724.4B Carrying weapons on school grounds ‐‐ penalty ‐‐ exceptions.

    724.4B Carrying weapons on school grounds ‐‐ penalty ‐‐ exceptions. 724.4B Carrying weapons on school grounds ‐‐ penalty ‐‐ exceptions. 1. A person who goes armed with, carries, or transports a firearm of any kind, whether concealed or not, on the grounds of a school commits a class "D" felony...
  2. kd6sxa

    Legal Age To Possess A Firearm

    My daughter is getting ready to move out into her own apartment and needs a self defense weapon. She and I took hunters safety when she was 12 and I bought her a .22 rifle at the time. When she turned 18 and moved out the first time I gave it to her. Now she is moving out for the second time and...
  3. kd6sxa

    2nd Annual Open Carry Picnic, 8/22 -The Uninfringed Liberty Group

    We had a great time in Glenwood City at the picnic. I had a chance to visit with some good people and enjoy some good food. The little man with the big mouth was quite entertaining as well. Hopefully the link below will take you to some pictures...
  4. kd6sxa

    I Am Not A Cop, I Am Not A Burglar.

    This audio was recorded at Wendy's in Onalaska, WI on Monday 8-2-2010. When I listen to the audio I have to laugh at the kid. But then I realized that the kid couldn't get past only cops and criminals have guns. With an adult I can usually get some basic understanding of why, while sharing a...
  5. kd6sxa

    Good Quality .45 acp Pistol For Concealed Carry?

    Who makes a good .45 acp pistol? I want one for the future of CC in Wisconsin and to OC now. I want good quality but low price. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  6. kd6sxa

    Open Carry In Pioneer Pawn ,Tomah

    On my way home from an appointment at the Tomah VA I stopped at Pioneer Pawn. Because I can't have any weapons on VA Property I didn't have my gun with me. I was looking at a High-Point .45 acp when a customer asked the salesman some concealed carry questions. Hearing an opportunity to add my...
  7. kd6sxa

    Platteville, Cuba City, Benton, Hazel Green, Dickeyville, Potosi, Open Carry ???

    I open carry in Tomah everyday. I have a house for sale in Benton and family in Cuba City. I want to know what the Open Carry scene is like in the southwest corner of the state.
  8. kd6sxa

    Tea Party In LaCrosse Invites Wisconsin Carry 7-4-10

    Hubert had a table set up to answer questions and do a presentation. Here are few pictures I took at the Tea Party at Copeland Park. The last picture of the group is the speech Hubert gave at the Tea Party...
  9. kd6sxa

    Detroit Cop Sleeping In Squad

    http://www.policeone.com/media-relations/articles/2054825-Pic-of-Detroit-cop-sleeping-in-squad-raises-questions/ I don't know if the picture is a hoax or the real deal. Personally I have found a female cop here in Tomah asleep at the wheel. She was sitting in front of the Ranger Station on...
  10. kd6sxa

    I Saw My First OC In Walmart.

    Sunday I was at Tomah Walmart picking up some pictures. As I was heading for the exit, I happen to see this guy come in with a holstered gun on his hip and a smile on his face. I was really surprised. As the media would lead me to believe I thought I might get really scared, call the police...
  11. kd6sxa

    People Ask Why?

    imported post PEOPLE ASKWHY? Why I Might Carry a Gun My...
  12. kd6sxa

    Eau Clair Open Carry Picnic

    imported post I sure had a good time visiting with some good people. Other than a few minutes of rain it was a great day. Hope to see you at the next one.
  13. kd6sxa

    Kwik Trip Hearty Platter Says No Guns In Here

    imported post My wife, son, Dad, Mom and I went to the Hearty Platter in Tomah for some supper. I open carried and after about 26 minutes, one of the waitresses asked me if I was a police officer. I said no. She asked why I had a gun, I said protection. She said I need to take it out. I said...
  14. kd6sxa

    Tomah Police Waiting For Me Outside of Aldi

    imported post When I was leaving Tomah Aldi today, two police officers were outside waiting for me. They asked me not to put my hand near my gun. And told me that I was within my rights to open carry. The officer was very professional and smiled as we exchange talk. I offered my ID to the...
  15. kd6sxa

    First Time Open Carry

    imported post Today was my first time open carrying. I went to Aldi first and Walmart second, in Tomah WI. Nobody said a word or even acknowledged that I was carrying. As nervous as I was in Aldi. I was much more relaxed in Walmart. Other that pulling my pants up and feeling the weight of my...