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  1. Shoobee

    You know your political party is in trouble when ...

    You know your political party is in trouble when -- -- everyone is asking you "did the rape guy win?" -- and you have to ask them "which one?" :D [AFB Foundation]
  2. Shoobee

    Fun Election Trivia

    Hawaii was Obama's best state, with 71% for him. This is where he grew up. And Utah was Romney's best state, with 73% for him. This is the land of his forefathers. The closest state too close to call is obviously Florida. They still don't know and are still "counting". Counting in Florida...
  3. Shoobee

    Gun rights in the wake of the crushing defeat of the RNC by the DNC on Nov 6 2012.

    As I awake this morning after having partied most of the night with my like minded friends, my mind muses on gun rights in the wake of the crushing defeat of the RNC by the DNC last night on Nov 6, 2012. I think the NRA will need to do more during the coming months and years to discourage any...
  4. Shoobee

    Gov Chris Christie's Day In the Sun

    Gov Chris Christie has recently been propelled into the sunlight by the recent devastation in NJ and the cooperative efforts between him and Pres Obama for FEMA relief to the flooded out victims of that state. This could not happen at a worse time for Romney. Romney has been preaching that...
  5. Shoobee

    The Failure To Bug Out

    Today we all are getting to watch on PBS, BBC, CNN, HLN, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX all the heart rending stories of the people who failed to bug out in the face of the hurricane, called Sandy, even though they were given fair warning by NOAA and the NWS. NYC is unusual in that like other similar...
  6. Shoobee

    Scalia's write-up

    http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/07pdf/07-290.pdf After reading Scalia's write-up of the USSC decision in Heller vs DC, I got several impressions about the viewpoints of the justices in this case on this topic of the 2nd Amendment. The first obvious thing is that the 5 of them in the...
  7. Shoobee

    Jay Leno

    Jay Leno reported that the winds from Isaac are expected to become so strong that it may actually blow some of Mitt Romney's money back into the USA from the Caymans. And when Donald Trump was asked whether Isaac could be an act of God directed against the RNC convention in Tampa he said, "I...
  8. Shoobee

    Clark Co open carry specifics?

    Does anyone know if there is a specific "three points rule" for Clark Co open carrying? The three points being visibility from the front, back and side? Next time I hike the Spring Mountains in Charleston again I want to be sure.
  9. Shoobee

    Open-carry at Spring Mountains Nat Rec Area Humboldt-Toiyabe NF

    A friend of mine and I will be hiking at the SMNRA of the HTNF in Clark County NV. I called the rangers and they said the Rec Area and the HTNF now follow local state law. I then called the Clark County sheriff dept and they said "Nevada is a traditional open carry state." Ergo as long as the...
  10. Shoobee

    Sword and machete laws in California?

    Is anyone already familiar with the sword and machete laws in California? Can you bring these in your car?
  11. Shoobee

    Pretty good forum

    I joined to get up to speed on California issues. Looks like a pretty good forum. Over 100 logged-in members. A dozen of them (roughtly 10%) in California as well.