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  1. mtbinva

    Moving to WV in the next couple of weeks.

    So, due to a relationship with a beautiful woman I want to spend my life with, I'll be moving to the Mt. Nebo/Fayetteville area. I'm in Manassas Virginia, a pretty decently gun friendly state. I've read a lot of this forum, and it doesn't seem as active as some of the other states on the...
  2. mtbinva

    Such a Tragedy.....

    I couldn't resist... :-)
  3. mtbinva

    1st Amendment now a Felony.

    If this was already posted or in the wrong place, my apologies Judge Napolitano talks on BILL HR 347 ~ Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony!!! http://youtu.be/O9d80FsWuEQ Did I miss something?
  4. mtbinva

    Response from Congressman Wittman

    This was a canned email response I got today from the Congressman.
  5. mtbinva

    Virginia Attorney General Renders Opinion on Motor Vehicle Carry

    Here are the I links posted earlier. I thought this link to the AG’s opinion would be very valuable to have readily available. Hope this helps. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/05/daniel-zimmerman/vcdl-atty-gen-opinion/...
  6. mtbinva

    1st Round Senate Hearings

    WOW, such grandstanding by the anti's. There is no logic to their counterpoints. Durbin is an a$$hat AND he's grandstanding. Makes me sick. LaPierre looks frustrated but is keeping his composure. Pushing for more laws......:banghead: WTF! They're missing the damn point. LaPierre is...
  7. mtbinva

    Ohio Situation - What would you have done in this situation?

    OK, this is my 1st real post on this forum. SO since this situation occurred in Ohio, I wanted your opinion on what would you have done? This situation happened a year ago. I was leaving the Kroger in Mansfield heading toward Lexington. It was a Saturday night approximately 7-8 in the...