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  1. skeith5

    Knitting factory in Spokane

    I'm sure open carry wouldn't be allowed but has anyone been there recently? Do they wand or have metal detectors? Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  2. skeith5

    Moving to Spokane!

    How is oc'ing in Spokane these days? I probably won't be able to much, I'm starting an IT consulting company and will keep things concealed for the most part. Does anyone know of OC friendly ranges? I think the one near the valley is no OC. Scott
  3. skeith5

    Snohomish county oc report

    National night out open carry... I had a GREAT time open carrying tonight. I had volunteered to help out in my neighborhood and manned the grill. Had a good talk with the fire chief and chief of police and other officers that showed up. Nothing mentioned about me carrying, just like the way it...
  4. skeith5

    Running for City Council!

    I have decided to run for City Council for Arlington, WA. How is this open carry related you ask? Well, I promise not to support any ordinances prohibiting carrying of a firearm and if an armed citizen comes into the meeting I promise not to walk out! I was really hoping to get some more likes...
  5. skeith5

    Kesselrings is anti-gun?

    I drove up to Kesselrings today to try and get some reloading supplies. I noticed a big sign on their front door, which I don't remember from last time I visited. "Aboslutely no loaded firearms". Has anyone else been there recently? Did I misread something??? I sent them an e-mail to clarify...
  6. skeith5

    Open Carry news story regarding someone carrying in the mall

    http://www.komonews.com/news/local/190321871.html "Man carries gun openly into mall, gets verbal lashing" "Mendiola says his weapon does draw glances in public, but he says he means no harm and meant no harm at the Sears in Vancouver Westfield Shopping Center on Wednesday when he stopped in...
  7. skeith5

    Being interviewed tomorrow between 5 and 6 am on King 5 for the Seattle gun buy back

    Tom Gresham, host of gun talk radio just sent out a tweet about me!!!
  8. skeith5

    Being interviewed tomorrow between 5 and 6 am on King 5 for the Seattle gun buy back

    Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up. I was contacted by King 5 today regarding a story they are doing on the Seattle Gun buy back. I am meeting with them tomorrow morning at the location of the buy back on Saturday. That means LOTS of preparation tonight for me! I will be dressed in a...
  9. skeith5

    List of Obama's new executive orders...

    1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system. 2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making...
  10. skeith5

    Is Oak Harbor going to follow Seattle into lawsuit club?

    I sent the training bulletin off to the chief. It's mainly the Olympia bulletin with some clarification on detention. Scott
  11. skeith5

    Kitsap County Open Carry Report

    Went over to Bainbridge island to sell my kahr. Had a good conversation with the new owner about open carry. I had my wife and little one with me so on the ferry ride back we got out and strolled around. Nothing was said although I believe one last took my picture as I was sitting down eating...
  12. skeith5

    Feinsteins AWB proposal

    Here's a link to what Feinstein is proposing. Let's hope this doesn't get passed. It includes a grandfathering clause but only with NFA registration. Who wants to register not only their firearms but their magazines as well? Not this guy...
  13. skeith5

    Information Requests - Every state with the laws (Stop saying FOIA requests...)

    I see a lot of people talk about FOIA requests. Unless you are asking a Federal Agency for public records FOIA does NOT apply. You should make the request under the state's open records law. Every state is a little different. I have worked with most of the housing agencies in all of the states...
  14. skeith5

    Snohomish County OC Meetup - Dec 8th

    Who is interested in having a SnoCo meetup on December 8th? I'm in Arlington so Marysville or Everett would be fine with me. I'm thinking 9am on the 8th. I'd love to make this a normal event and really get organized to deal with education and support for OC within the County. Would anyone have...
  15. skeith5

    Washington information act requests/FOIA

    At the Spokane Valley meet up we had today someone mentioned that some people are having issues getting information act requests satisfied. In my job I have to work with a lot of states and different departments to get FOIA or state information act requests filled. I've become pretty good at...
  16. skeith5

    Spokane Valley meetup? 11/24/12

    I will be out for Thanksgiving and that following weekend to visit family in Spokane Valley. Is anyone interested in hanging out with someone from the Wet side of the state? I was thinking on Saturday the 24th, late morning. Scott
  17. skeith5

    Snohomish County OC Report

    Well, today is the first time I really consider myself to have open carried. I open carry to the gun range, and once to the gas station. Tonight I went to Cabela's in Marysville and Five Guys in Smokey Point. Not a word was said, I didn't even notice getting any weird looks. It was a good first...
  18. skeith5

    Paddle holster ok?

    The more I've been on this site the more I have been thinking about open carrying more. I open carry to the range and once to the gas station. I've got a Safariland ALS holster that currently has the paddle attachment on it. Is this an OK setup or do I need to attach the belt loops? Scott