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    Whats the app....

    What's the app that uploads your video to the internet as you film it? thanks.
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    Question: Possible Open Carry on School Grounds?

    I remember seeing a post about public property being "rented" or "leased" and that those that have leased or rented said property can ban firearms because of this. So my question for you legal beagles is this: I understand that my son's baseball league has to pay for the privilege of using...
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    Got a question....

    If you are OC'ing in your automobile and a cop asks to see your Conceal Carry card and you say you don't have one can he inspect your firearm to make sure it's not loaded?
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    Open Carry Reports

    I notice on some of the Open Carry reports that "they didn't even notice" (paraphrasing) is part of a lot of the entries. Do you think that they : A) actually don't see the weapon on your person B) Assume that you are plainclothes LEO of some type or C) Are familiar with the fact that you carry...
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    I am in a bit of a bind...

    Bear with me as this requires some back ground history. *takes deep breath* Here goes: In April of this year I got a new job working as a nurse at a local rehab. Two days later my new employer comes back and says, "Hey did you know you aren't a US Citizen?" I thought that perhaps they got my SSN...
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    Sarcastic Open Carry Suggestion in "The Olympian"

    (snip) What’s the answer to all the recent gun violence in the Seattle area? The gun advocates, the NRA, and those on the side of the Second Constitutional Amendment cite gun violence as the very reason why all of us nongun advocates should go out and purchase our own guns to protect ourselves...
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    American Idol

    Watching American Idol tonite (guilty pleasure) and it's the episode when they take the Top Three back for a home town visit. Well Phillip Phillips was taken to see his dad who owns a pawn shop and his ol' man is open carrying. No attempt by Fox to hide it,blur it or not photograph it. The...
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    Florida jurisdictions scrambling to comply! Can we do it here?

    http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20110920/ARTICLE/110929969/2055/NEWS?Title=Local-governments-scramble-to-repeal-gun-restrictions&tc=ar City and county officials across the state are scrambling to undo local ordinances restricting firearms before a new state law takes effect Oct. 1. The...
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    Time Magazine Article: Guns and Doctors (A Skewed Article)

    See how many errors you can find! http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2093725,00.html A federal court has blocked a new Florida law that limited the ability of doctors to ask patients if they had guns in the home. Judge Monica Cooke, a Republican appointee, rightly said that the...
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    Pacos Tacos...meet up?

    In light of Technoweenie's revelation that the owner of Pacos Tacos in Lacey is pro-OC, I thought it be prudent for the cause that we should change our venue for meet ups from the old workhorse, Starbucks, to this new business. Not that we are jilting an old flame, but more of spreading the...
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    Jogger shoots teen, won't get prosecuted.

    Some of the comments by the antis just make me shake my head. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110112/ap_on_re_us/us_self_defense_shooting – Wed Jan 12, 6:39 am ET TAMPA, Fla. – A pistol-packing jogger in Florida won't be charged for shooting and killing a teenager who attacked him during a...
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    Being proactive..

    Perhaps we need to be a little bit more proactive on OCing. What do I mean? As for me I am going to write to the top 15 stores that I spend my money at and ask the corporates official policy on OCing at thier Washington state locations and get it in writing. If they are against Open Carry then I...
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    Send a note of thanks to NJ Governor!

    http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2010/12/nj_man_goes_from_inmate_to_nra.html Contact the Governor @(609) 777-2500 or here: http://www.nj.gov/governor/contact/ Please express your support for common sense! N.J. man goes from inmate to NRA celebrity as Gov. Christie commutes gun sentence...
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    Open Carry in Car

    I let my CWP lapse and went down to Thurston County Sheriff's office to renew earlier this week. That being said can I open carry in my car loaded? Doesn't it say something about having the weapon seperate from the ammo when traveling in the car? Please advise.
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    On your thread concerning your pro bono work I said, "Appreciate the offer but it is a conflicted statement. Disclaimers tend to do that." After looking it over I realized that I should have said nothing. You were merely covering your behind and setting boundaries. Therefore if you want to...
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    Does anybody...

    carry more than one firearm at a time and is there an RCW that specifically addresses this?
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    Tech questions

    I often hear people say "record the conversation", "make sure you have it on tape" when dealing with LEOs. What recorders would you guys recommend for voice recording and what would you recommend for video? Thanks in advance.
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    Proper way to handle an explusion..

    What is the general consenous on handling an explusion out of a private establishment? Do I ask the manager if its the corporate policy or his/her policy? Do I merely comply and leave? In any event, I will use tact, be professional, and have an even tone to my voice. I have not been expelled as...
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    Where have you been legally kicked out of for OC'ing?

    I was thinking perhaps we should spread the word to do a 'OCOTT' and not take our business to them. I understand it's there right as a private establishment but then again it's our right to refuse them our money.
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    Has anyone ever had to draw their weapon?

    Just wondering if anyone ever had to draw thier weapon or if a situation came close enough for you to do so and you didn't?