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    New member introductions

    imported post Hi everyone. i did a search and did not see a new member introduction thread, sooooo, being a new member, i thought i would start one. Live in the greater new Orleans area. been around firearms most of my life. Actually learned about open carry through my concealed carry...
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    NRA #2...why delete #1

    imported post Mods. Whay delete my threads? i did nothing wrong in posting that thread. WHy not delete the posts of the members who were trolling in it and derailing it?
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    New Orleans CHP/OC Weapon Retention training

    imported post OK guys. Just gauging to see what the interest would be in some hands on training for weapon retention for CHP and OC applications, because the techniques do differ a little. All Facist BS aside, ;) I have a firearms training business that I run out of the New Orleans Area. The...