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    What are YOU going to do about it?

    Assume that ALL of the gun control bills passed by the CO House and Senate are signed and go into effect July 1. What are YOU going to do about it? I have an idea. Feel free to critique, criticize or disagree: July 1st is a Monday. Starting Monday, and all that week, everyone on this forum...
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    Denver Post: CCW Database "incomplete, riddled with errors"

    http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_16900805#ixzz18fwuXHjs Kirk Mitchell: 303-954-1206 or kmitchell@denverpost.com "Colorado's concealed-weapons database does not contain information about 16,000 permits — 45 percent of those issued — partly because 20 counties, including Douglas and El Paso...
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    CRPD Encounter with video!

    This happened a few days ago in Castle Rock. I was OCing a 1911 in a Blackhawk holster while on a walk with my son. An unmarked CRPD car spots me and does a 180 on Plum Creek Parkway pulling up behind me. I waive him off (as in "I see you. I'm fine. Thank you.") but he persists, honks his...
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    OC at 1stbank

    imported post I didn't post this when it happened a few weeks back because the drama with CRPD was much more interesting, but that same day before I was followed around by the police, I went in to 1stbank on Plum Creek & Wilcox. I went in to make a deposit. As I was leaving one of the...
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    Colorado State University blinks, repeals campus concealed carry ban

    imported post See also analysis at http://volokh.com/2010/05/05/colorado-state-university-board-rescinds-ban-on-licensed-firearms-carry/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+volokh%2Fmainfeed+%28The+Volokh+Conspiracy%29 -- And this email from RMGO: RMGO Lawsuit against...
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    Denver Post: Gun-control advocates protest Starbucks' policy of allowing firearms in its shops

    imported post http://www.denverpost.com/ci_14911504 "Starbucks, best known for its coffee, is gaining kudos from gun-rights activists and drawing ire from gun- control advocates for allowing firearms in its shops. On Sunday, about 20 protesters gathered outside the Starbucks at East 6th...
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    Intersting OC moments in Castle Rock

    imported post I went for a long walk this morning throughout town while OCing. I about halfway back to my house I was spotted by a CRPD K9 driving toward me down a parkway with a median. He quickly turned around, drove up to the next break in the median in front of me and pulled off to meet me...
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    Starbucks response to my letter

    imported post I dropped Starbucks a quick note letting them know that I support their stance on the OC issue, although I'm sure it's causing them some strife. I won't post their entire response, but I found this paragraph interesting: We have examined this issue through the lens of partner...
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    SB 10-051

    imported post SB 10-051 Eliminates the authority of the governor to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transportation of firearms during a state of disaster emergency. Current law allows the governor to declare a state of emergency (like the snow storm in N.C...
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    Where all the primers have gone

    imported post http://nationalgunrights.org/blog/?p=195 Gun Economics: Ammo Supply 101 Ammo Supply 101, Supply and Demand BY M. L. MCPHERSON A DEFINITION, AS APPLIED IN THIS ARTICLE EXTRA: Above normal product demand, usually for something...
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    Why all the closed topics?

    imported post Anyone know what's up with all of the recently closed topics here?
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    HB 1180 just passed

    imported post Obviously this isn't OC specific, but the CO Senate just passed HB 1180 that allows CCW holders to purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer or at a gun show without a background check. Unfortunately there was an amendment attached that requires the Colorado Bureau of Investigations...
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    Colorado Carry Seminar?

    imported post Since my run-in with CRPD, I've been working with CO Senator Mark Scheffel on the best way to respond to municipalities who harass OCers. He came up with an excellent suggestion that I want to toss to out to everyone. He suggested hosting a seminar/training session about...
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    Airport Carry

    imported post Just wondering if anyone knows of any statute/ordinance prohibiting me from CCing while picking someone up at DIA. I probably won't even have to enter the terminal, but I know some other airports do searches just in pulling up to the pickup area. Any thoughts?
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    Is this sign unlawful?

    imported post Took a picture of this sign today at Chatfield State Park while doing some fishing. Colorado State Park Regs. http://parks.state.co.us/NR/rdonlyres/2AA461D8-97D6-491E-9FF3-0A548F6E1FE9/0/2008LandWaterRegulations.pdf say that it is illegal to possess firearms in a manner that...
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    Revitalizing the "militia of the several states"

    imported post Hey guys. I wanted to float an idea past you guys and see what you think. A lot of us have serious problems with where our country is headed, but most of us are limited to griping about it to our family & friends as well as using outlets like this forum. That's all well and...
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    What constitutes "2 actions from firing"?

    imported post Greetings from Colorado! I've OCed in your state on several occasions and this has always bothered me so I'm hoping someone here will indulge me. What exactly qualifies for an "action from firing"? Can the first action from firing be the fact that it's in a holster? I know that...
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    Home Depot Issue

    imported post While shopping and OCing at Home Depot in Castle Rock this afternoon, I was approached by an associate who asked to see my permit. I told him that there is no permit to OC in Colorado and he responded saying that I was correct (why did he ask then?), but that "they" would feel...
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    OC Road Trip

    imported post I just wanted to share my experiences OCing on a recent road trip. I OC'd through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Oregon on my way to the Oregon Coast. On the way back I went through California and Nevada. I didn't OC in California but did everywhere else without any problems...
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    Another approach to nationwide reciprocity

    imported post That online petition got me thinking. Perhaps the best way to get wider reciprocity for permits is to contact our 2A friendly reps in the CO General Assembly and ask them to do it on behalf of us CO voters. If we can get similar efforts in other states, our own reciprocity will...