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    Holster to fit accessories

    Anyone know where I can find a holster for a Beretta PX4 Storm .40 with Streamlight TLR 2 (laser/light combo)? I am having one hell of a time trying to find holsters that accommodate accessories.....I know I cant be the only out there that keeps a light on their pistol!
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    OC Stories

    Today I recently OC'd in a few places (Gander Mountain East Side of Madison, and a few places in Oregon) didnt have any issues or run ins with cops, in fact many people were courteous, friendly, and polite as was I towards them. The only issue I had was at Gander when talking with one of the...
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    Van Hollen Vs Hassett

    Not sure how many people were planning to vote, from what I understand many who are on here were blessed with common sense which means they are planning to vote, I just wanted to pass on that current Atty General for WI JB Van Hollen will be going up against Scott Hassett, for those who dont...
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    Are most LEO's as indifferent to OC'ing as Madison PD?

    I am just curious if the actions of the Madison Police Department reflect the LEO norm or do most LEO's know and understand that Open Carrying is legal and just OC'ing doesnt require a SWAT team? Are most officers calm, cool, collected, and educated regarding this?
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    1000 Feet from School Zone

    Where does the 1000 feet off limit school zone start? Is it 1000 feet from the school building itself or from the property boundary of the school grounds? Also, if you are on a businesses property which is not owned by yourself and is within a school zone, are you still able to OC on that...
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    OC'ing on a public sidewalk

    I have received an answer for this, thank you for the help.
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    OC'ing while walking on a sidewalk

    I am new to the OC ways of life and was curious what the laws were regarding walking on public sidewalks, is it legal if you are not within 1000 feet of a school or violating any other laws set forth?