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  1. Tucker6900

    Almost as bad as Youtube

    I will admit its been a while since I have been a regular here, but recently I have tried to frequent the site at least a couple times a week. The one big change I have noticed? Ads. Full screen ads for irrelevant things. Every single time I click a link. Pop ups, screen scrolls, you name...
  2. Tucker6900

    Laws for non resident carrying in Michigan

    Its been a while since I've been here. Its good to be back. In case you haven't heard, Iowa just recently went to Constitutional Carry. So, we are no longer required to have a permit to carry weapons. If my state does not require a permit to carry, do I need one to carry concealed in...
  3. Tucker6900

    VA Governor signs Gun Control Bills

    VA Gun Control So, what are you going to do now?
  4. Tucker6900

    Iowan Open Carry In Texas

    Ok. I have read through the available material here regarding Open Carry in Texas with an Iowa Permit to Carry. I understand that the law was changed some time ago to allow Iowans, among others, to carry in Texas. However, I am confused and am looking for clarification. I know my Iowa...
  5. Tucker6900

    Passing through...

    Hey everyone, I will be making a trip from Iowa to Glacier National Park next year and will be passing through the NE corner of Wyoming. Iowa has reciprocity with Wyoming, but I have an additional question. I have a vehicle mount that holds an AR under my rear seat. It is locked and...
  6. Tucker6900

    OT: Iowa Traffic Tickets

    Can anyone tell me if its required to sign a traffic ticket in Iowa?
  7. Tucker6900

    Body Armor Ban

    https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/5344/text Yet another item that (potentially) only police employees will be allowed to own. Basically any material deemed ballistic will be prohibited by us civilians...
  8. Tucker6900

    Police Union Contracts

    Can anyone tell me if union contracts for police employees are a matter of public record? A friend of mine brought up an interesting question when we were talking about the militarized police state we see more and more every day. After reading an article about swat being dispatched for a non...
  9. Tucker6900

    OT:Iowa Supressors...

    I heard through the grapevine that that was legislation in the works making supressors legal for purchase. Ive done a search and cant come up with anything. Anyone know any details?
  10. Tucker6900

    OT: Chicago Union Station

    Can anyone tell me ic Union Station is publicly or privately owned? I am traveling through there by train in a couple weeks and was curious about it. Thanks. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  11. Tucker6900

    Unable to post from PC

    Does anyone have any idea why I am not able to post from my pc? I can edit my own posts, read all existing posts, etc, I just cant reply or start a new topic. Any ideas? Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  12. Tucker6900

    Detained at gunpoint for OC

    Kansas City PD draw on man in his home for open carry. Then illegally search his home, person. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  13. Tucker6900

    OT: Petition to allow private citizens to own suppressors.

    I was doing some searching over the last few days and I have realized Iowa, along with three other states, do not allow the private ownership kf suppressors. I have created a change.org petition to try and get it changed. Please click the link and sign the petition if you are interested...
  14. Tucker6900

    Anti Virus indications...

    I opened OCDO this morning and was immediately alerted to several warnings of ad material that contains, or may contain, malicious programs. Looking at my screen right now shows blank boxes where the ads used to be. Just letting you know.
  15. Tucker6900

    SWAT/CERT Team ordered to stand down @ Navy Yard

    In the 1930's, Hitler sent his assassins out to to murder his own people to propogate gun control.... CERT Team Stand Down
  16. Tucker6900

    Truckers to shut down America...

    Truckers to strike.
  17. Tucker6900

    Potential outcome: World War III

    Very disturbing. Im am not sure the US Government wants to push Russia... Russia warns of catastrophic consequences if US meddles in Syria
  18. Tucker6900

    Lakewood OH to unlawfully seach backpacks...

    Happy Independence Day! Lakewood police will be, upon orders of the mayor, be doing random backpack searches at Lakewood park during the 4th celebrations. Unlawful Bag search Call the police and the Mayors office and demand that this be removed.
  19. Tucker6900

    Ban all sharp objects.....

    Just watched this video. This guy has no idea what hes talking about. And I love his coat.
  20. Tucker6900

    March on Des Moines

    For anyone interested... Myself and few other friends are planning a march to the Des Moines capital building on the 6th of July. The march is currently planned to start at Western Gateway Park and will head east approximately 1 mile to the state capital building. The time of day to start is...