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  1. wabbit

    Resisting & evading or obstructing an APD officer yet APD didn’t wish to proceed with charges?

    Per KRQE, Albuquerque Police saw Armando Romero back in September, he was trying to unlock a white truck at a motel near Coors and Iliff. Officers trying to help him, found out he had a warrant for his arrest. They tried to question him about it, but he took off running into oncoming traffic...
  2. wabbit

    PNW LEs, Portland, mobilizing for rallys..

    Quote Portland police are mobilizing to prevent clashes between out-of-state far-right groups planning a rally here and the homegrown anti-fascists who oppose them as America’s culture wars seep into this progressive haven. Saturday’s rally — and the violence it may bring — are a relatively...
  3. wabbit

    Ah negative attention is better than no attention for Starbuck’s

    Let’s see six [6] off-duty, white AZ LEs, allegedly regulars, make a white customer apparently extremely uncomfortable ~ for whatever unknown rationale, who then constantly asks mgmt to ask them to move from congregating right by the store’s entrance; but mgmt adds “or leave”, so the nice LEs...
  4. wabbit

    Tale of woe regarding a stack on

    Well, lost the key to my security box, yes it’s door is securely closed but presumed empty! 7 march contacted stack on and filled out their form including an image of my DL. Pay pal took my 30 for two keys & sent an acknowledgement. No acknowledgement from stack on? 11 march completed stack...
  5. wabbit

    Seems picking up trash in your own property warrants Boulder LE interdiction

    ‘Police in Boulder, Colorado, drew their guns on a black man who was picking up trash on his own lawn. The first responder suggests that the man's trash grabber is a weapon; more cops soon arrive to escalate the confrontation, with eight eventually surrounding him in his own yard. The victim's...
  6. wabbit

    Unvaccinated Oregon boy, 6, nearly dies of tetanus, racks up $1 million in bills

    In another recently posted thread regarding bring charges against the state trooper who left his firearm in his vehicle, his 11yo retrieved it, and shot father in the buttocks with it! Is is situation as dangerous and should the parents be charged or their children removed from the home...
  7. wabbit


    Not anybody find it troublesome youth in Flordia witnessed, taunted, and laughed, while recordng a man who was struggling to survive and live but yet these teens didn't even raise the call, and watched him succumb in the pond. Oh, there is nothing they can be charged with. These parents should...
  8. wabbit

    LV gun show

    while visiting the sin city, i discovered i had lucked out (or so i thought at the time) and managed to make it to town when a gun show was being advertised...so i hopped over to the sports center, paid my $16 bucks and entered. lets see, there were several tables pushing vests; there were at...