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    More .223 ammo spotted

    http://www.targetsportsusa.com/p-1478-federal-american-eagle-223-remington-55-grain-fmj-case-of-1000-bulk-ammunition.aspx I have shopped here many times... No tax and free shipping on bulk ammo. Just a heads up.
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    These numbers sounds over inflated

    http://openchannel.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/03/11/17272111-tens-of-thousands-try-to-illegally-buy-guns-from-dealers-annually-study-finds?lite&ocid=msnhp&pos=1 So is it me or?
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    Bainbridge Gun turn in. 2 day event

    http://www.king5.com/news/local/Gun-turn-in-a-first-for-Bainbridge-Police-196869231.html Tomorrow is the last day.
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    Ammo in stock spotted!!! GO! GO! GO!

    http://www.arms.pro/ Just sharing and helping out for who ever is looking for ammo. I just ordered 1000 rnd .223 55grain for $549. I got a brass catcher for my AR. Brass is getting hard to find and I know someone who does reloading. So will trade him .223 and .300 blackout for reloaded ammo...
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    Anyone go to Monroe WAC show

    Hows the crowds? Selection of ammo? Over all is it bigger or same small size? Was thinking of going tomorrow. Going for sure to the big one next weekend.
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    The new Cali Gun Law

    The new law states: You can own any firearm you want that shoots bullets. There is 3 small strings attached to this. 1- The gun cannot have a magazine. 2- The gun cannot have a firing pin 3- There must be a metal rod in the barrel that goes the entire length of said gun and it have to be wielded...
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    I'm wearing my Valentine's Day shirt at work

    I got so far about 10 people who want to know where I got it. LOL I love the logo.....
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    I'm getting better at self control....

    At work a person from the UK was talking to me and he was telling me how wonderful Piers Morgan was and how he found it funny that all the gun owners are mad about gun control and this and that. He was laughing that us Americans think we need guns when we don't and most of the world is better...
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    Sam's Gun Shop is open under new managerment

    http://www.beegc.org/samsgsr/samsgsr.html I'm not far at all from here, but I am not big on memberships so either way I'm sure someone will be into this. I might stop by tomorrow to check it out. Just sharing is all...
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    Where to go shooting out in the woods?

    I'm in S. Everett area and want to go shooting in the woods. I looked at various forums and there is a lot of controversy as to where you can go and do this. Since most of you seem to be on top of the laws and regulations thought I would ask.
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    School and gun range close by......

    I was just looking north of Everett for an outdoor range. I looked at Marysville Rifle Club. I did a satellite view to see the lay out and noticed Lakewood Middle School is across the street. We all best tell the media that this is a epic tragedy just waiting to unfold. Any minute now...
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    YOur all looking good on Info Wars

    http://www.infowars.com/backfire-seattle-gun-buyback-turns-into-gun-show-collectors-waved-wads-of-cash-at-those-in-line/ Sorry if this has been posted before. I have been enjoying the pictures and some of the comments are funny.
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    Red Dot sight

    I got a bullpup kit coming in soon and wanted to get a sight for it. I want the lever on the side so I can easily remove when needed and stuff. Don't want a cheap one and not top of the line. Suggestions for personal experiences?
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    Question about Wolf ammo

    I read "This ammo does have the polymer steel case to eliminate any lacquer build up" So would anyone say this is true? I could shoot Wolf ammo and not have issues like the lacquer did? I was told after so many rounds the chamber would get hot and the lacquer would build up and the round...
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    Awesome video of CC rights

    http://www.infowars.com/video-mayor-backs-second-amendment-after-councilman-tries-to-eject-armed-veteran/ Yep, happened at Gig Harbor.
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    I just saw this. 3 box a day ammo limit

    http://www.slickguns.com/product/walmart-now-limiting-ammo-3-boxes-day-customer-1 *sigh*
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    I got %100 poll for gun support

    I asked 2 people at the gun show if they was pro guns and they said YES. So I can say that officially my poll got %100 for support of guns.
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    WAC Gun Show

    I went to the WAC gun show on Saturday 1/19/13. Where you get off of the 512 to S Meridan. I was on the shoulder about 1/2 mile from the exit about 8:15am Took about 20min to get to the exit and about another 10 to get parked. As I am walking up to the blue gate there is a line that ran from...
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    I looked at Cease Fire and ....umm....

    Was wondering what their web site looked like. I still have a headache from it. Its just so polarized and their little bar chart numbers is so skewed. How do they even sleep at night? Where is the data from around the world to compare with how bad it is here? I just hope Lennard Nemoy does...
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    Stocking up?

    With all the craziness going on if you have not though about stocking up on ammo you might want to consider it. Was reading a couple weeks ago they are looking at banning bulk ammo and all sales must be reported to Big Brother. There is some sites that charge no tax and free shipping on bulk...