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  1. Frantic84

    NVFAC - who is the genious behind this last decision?

    why are they supporting Clark County when they refuse to fully comply with the laws, and that's not even bringing up the blue card issue! "MARK YOUR CALENDARS! NVFAC will host our first annual members meeting on February 23, 2013 at the Clark County Shooting Complex"...
  2. Frantic84

    Pro Gun Group choices?

    I have finally decided to join a Pro Gun Organization. so my question really is who will give me the best bang for my buck? there is GOA, NRA and NVFAC that I know of who of these are the best and why? or if there is another group you think I should be part of, same question? thank in Advance guys.
  3. Frantic84

    OC in Nevada

    yep SHAVE http://www.murraysatthemall.com/ be sure to let them know why you came! (pro carry that is) Before After
  4. Frantic84

    OC in Nevada

    so here is how my day went Mountain crest park, #8 on the list Note: no NRS was listed didn't - want to break the law :banana: :banghead: :cuss: so it stayed in the car (and I hated myself for it) - but I had my trifolds why cant Clark county and Las Vegas just fix their sign :cry::confused...
  5. Frantic84


    I just had to share this one http://youtu.be/gJAZyQHh9JU
  6. Frantic84

    Vegas StrEATS Festival

    Vendors I say we Inform all of the participating vendors that, because of the streets festival policy, we and our friends family etc. will no longer be supporting their establishments including outside of the event until they either remove themselves from the event or push for a policy change...
  7. Frantic84

    Colorado Shooting; false flag?

    ok .. this ones gonna offend some people but i just had to share what I found on http://www.tshirthell.com/
  8. Frantic84

    this one made me laugh

  9. Frantic84

    Colorado Shooting; false flag?

    http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/product2.aspx?from=CustomDesigner&number=673017791 :banana::D
  10. Frantic84

    finally a decent selection for Ruger SR40

    http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/holsters/ruger/ruger-sr40-holster:cool: lots of custom option - cant wait to give my wife my Christmas list:lol::banana:
  11. Frantic84

    Driver charged with attempted murder in road rage shooting

    Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A 32-year-old Las Vegas man faces attempted murder charges after a raod rage incident led to a shooting on Tuesday. Police say Scoot Eakens was driving a Jeep at Sunset and Easter when he was struck by a black pickup truck. The teen driver of the pickup truck fled the...
  12. Frantic84

    Google Goofed

    still works for me
  13. Frantic84

    oc frendly?

    oc friendly? Does anyone know if shucks tavern on flamingo in Las Vegas is OC friendly?
  14. Frantic84

    OC issues Cricket Wireless Corporate store Las Vegas

    Originally Posted in "where did you carry" I am yet to hear anything back from the corporate office (the legal dept kept playing phone tag) and would like to see if anyone else could get and answer in writing. Below I have listed all available direct contact info for corp that I could discover...