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  1. efriday

    county owned, privately leased - ban carry?

    can the privately leased management of the Okaloosa Island fishing pier legally ban carry of firearms?
  2. efriday

    time line for non-resident Arizona permit

    Sent e-mail to the Arizona Department of Public Safety requesting a CCW application packet -28 December 2015. Received actual Arizona permit 27 February 2016. The application packet contained much gobbledy-gook regarding the documents required to verify training. I included a copy of my...
  3. efriday

    ......lost his balance, causing the gun to fire

    http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2016/02/florida_teen_killed_after_cous.html A new principle of hoverbooard physics ?
  4. efriday

    No open carry sign back in Luverne, AL McDonalds

    I noticed a No Open Carry sign on the door of the McDonald's in Luverne, Alabama today. This version made no bogus reference to state law or city ordinances.
  5. efriday

    Error in first sentence of Wash Post story - reply from author

    I received this reply from the author of today's Wash Post article on the Texas pool party incident.(Marc Fisher) . I took exception to the first sentence of the story, which give the impression that the officer drew his gun right after kneeling on the resisting subject. Marc replied within a...
  6. efriday

    No Firearms sign removed from Luverne McDonald's

    The McDonald's on US Highway 331 in Luverne, AL has removed the "No Firearms" signs on the entrance doors. The signs I saw a few months ago referenced a city ordinance, and declared that violators would be pursued by the Sheriff. Good to see they are now complying with state law.
  7. efriday

    OC at Sturgis

    Open Carried my Glock 23 from 10 AM - 12AM while walking along Lazell street on Thursday , 1 August. Visited numerous vendor sites as they were setting up for the official Sturgis rally start on 2 August. Encountered no Law Enforcement personnel or patrols. No comments from vendors or from...
  8. efriday

    OC enroute to Sturgis

    4 August, I Open Carried in Wall, SD in several stores and restaurants at the Wall Drug shopping center. Bought tourist items (T-shirts, patches) and no remarks or visits by Law Enforcement. Felt like I was back in northern Virginia.
  9. efriday

    OC on Buses in Alexandria?

    imported post Has anyone had personal experience in OC on metro trains and buses in Alexandria VA? Or with Fairfax Connector buses?