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  1. Alpine

    New to Idaho

    Nice. We wanted to go further north but still had to stay somewhat close to CDA for jobs, so we settled outside of Spirit Lake.
  2. Alpine

    Open Carry Idaho Report

    Seen a lot of OC here in N Idaho (Kootenai County) since moving here last year. Done it also but the cold weather puts a bit of a damper on it. Never had a bad interaction and no one seems to care.
  3. Alpine

    WAGR's new initiative for 2016: Extreme Risk Protection orders

    To channel the demon Psaki and "circle back" the Seattle Slimes did a follow up puff piece to try and justify the "good" this law has supposedly done while violating the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments of the Federal constitution (not to mention myriad parts of the state constitution). In...
  4. Alpine

    New Police chef in Snohomish Says you can't open carry

    While the ignorant chief is possibly referencing the unpublished state v Casad decision (time, place, manner = 'unlawful') and implying that even though it isn't precedent a court could go that way again), the chief is definitely wrong about his statements on WA law and citizens stopping...
  5. Alpine

    HB 2925: all forms of carry (both OC and CC) banned at Capitol campus

    This was reintroduced for 2020 a few days ago, hat tip to the Goal Post. This bill would outlaw both open carry and concealed carry at the state capitol and associated grounds/buildings. https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=2925&Year=2019 (note, the link above covers the 2019 AND...
  6. Alpine

    Open carry picnic Mercer Island to counter AGR Sunday June 9th

    The gun banners are marching to MI on June 9th. Under state law they cannot stop us from peaceably assembling at their finish line on the lid park on Mercer Island. https://gunresponsibility.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/MOMS-WO-2019_FLYER_5_17_19.pdf I live there and can provide some...
  7. Alpine

    AGR 2018 WA initiative bans almost all carry for 18-20 year old citizens

    So you all have probably seen the news about AGR dropping their "assault weapon" initiative. They need to get about 260k signatures before July 6. The initiative does many horrible things. Here's AGR's own executive summary: Here's the actual text...
  8. Alpine

    Washington State senator 'encourages' other legislators to carry guns on campus

    They weren't OCing, they were full-on brandishing in violation of .270 and the feckless WSP refused to do their job and arrest them, prompting the idiotic legislature to ban OC in the galleries and hearing rooms. If WSP had done their jobs and arrested these brandishers, we'd still have...
  9. Alpine

    WA House Republican's Amendment to 594 reform bill bans Open Carry for self-defense

    The problem was that the amendment technically restricted open carry when it comes to self-defense temporary transfers if the transferee does not have a CPL, which many open carriers do not. UPDATE: I got in contact with an associate who works with the Representative and they told me this was...
  10. Alpine

    NRA Election Meetings Lakewood/Issaquah Oct 12&13 6:30 RSVP

    Ok everyone, got some news. If you are able, next week on Wednesday and Thursday there are NRA ILA election meetings in Lakewood and Issaquah. Lakewood Election Action Meeting Wednesday, October 12th Best Western Motor Inn 6125 Motor Ave SW Lakewood, WA 98499 6:30pm RSVP Here...
  11. Alpine

    open carry picnic at Cal Anderson park in Seattle, Saturday Sept. 24th @ 3pm?

    Hey everyone, looks like MDA is meeting in Cal Anderson park tomorrow at 3pm to rally in favor of their latest anti-civil rights measure, I-1491 which unconstitutionally denies due process to citizens based on un-substantiated rumors from former roommates...
  12. Alpine

    After gallery OC ban blind democrat now wants total ban at Capitol campus

    Proving yet again that OC is a buffer that keeps CC legal after the state legislature banned OC from the galleries they are now going after ALL guns except for their hired muscle. http://www.examiner.com/article/kirkland-senator-will-push-to-make-capitol-legislative-buildings-gun-free Call up...
  13. Alpine

    Seattle case shows why criminals don't open carry

    http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/black-man-shot-by-spd-pulled-a-handgun-on-officers-witness-reports/ When idiots tell you that OC is dangerous remind them with cases like these that criminals don't open carry because police would recognize them. Most violent crime is committed...
  14. Alpine

    Mr. 594 Dan Satterberg wants 3-strikes felons to go free

    You all remember RINO Dan Satterberg right? The guy who pushed 594 and claimed he needed it to prosecute criminals but then promptly turns around and drops charges and cuts deals on firearm charges even for notorious and infamous serial killers. If you don't remember this will jog your memory...
  15. Alpine

    WAGR's new initiative for 2016: Extreme Risk Protection orders

    Well, looks like we may be off the hook on the "AWB" or preemption repeal, however EPOs are pretty dangerous given their obvious unconstitutionality and despicable nature in creating a new standard of "guilty until proven innocent." I doubt the final draft will contain strict or maybe even ANY...
  16. Alpine

    HB 1747: Open Carry ban

    HB 1747: under 18 Open Carry ban FYI! http://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=1747&year=2015 Start calling, writing and emailing every rep and every senator. They are going for an OC ban in WA.
  17. Alpine

    2 Republican WA state reps "open carriers in Olympia look like idiots and weirdos"

    2 Republican WA state reps "open carriers in Olympia look like idiots and weirdos" Some things I did not like hearing at the NRA-ILA meeting last night in Issaquah were state Reps Manweller and Mangendanz saying that you shouldn't OC, even a sidearm, to the capitol and that people who did would...
  18. Alpine

    Issaquah NRA ILA meeting Tuesday Nov. 3rd, Homewood Suites

    https://www.nraila.org/articles/20151023/rsvp-to-the-issaquah-activist-meeting-tuesday-november-3 Want some answers as to how much the ILA raised off of specific 594-related solicitations in WA vs the $400k~ that they actually spent? This is your chance to demand answers in person without being...
  19. Alpine

    CSGV urging SWATing campaign against Open Carriers

    Saw this on Fox News. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/09/01/gun-control-groups-accused-swatting-open-carry-permit-holders-putting-lives-at/?intcmp=hpbt4 I knew that some small, informal groups and morons like the "see open carry? call 911"-idiot on facebook had been doing this, but this is a...
  20. Alpine

    Uber bans open/conceal carry; criminals can now confidently carjack Uber marked cars

    Hat tip to Dave Workman. http://www.examiner.com/article/did-uber-just-announce-victimize-me-policy-for-drivers-passengers Now in Seattle if you are OCing Uber, like Lyft, will not allow you in the car. If you are CCing you are "not supposed" to get in the car and doing so could wind you up...