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  1. ICBM

    Constitutional Carry Starting July of 2022

    Anyone know how this constitutional carry development will work? Did they repeal the license to carry statutes entirely? Is there a benefit to still having a license?
  2. ICBM


    HOUSTON, Texas - Authorities are investigating after dozens of shots were fired in east Houston. According to a detective, the incident began as a home invasion at the 7000 block of Sherman. Authorities say the homeowner defended himself when the suspects entered the home. Following the...
  3. ICBM

    curious loophole...

    I have come to a curious conclusion about the rights of gun owners who work for a local government and choose to bring their gun to work and store it in their vehicle. It seems that private employers can regulate firearms possession up to the limits of the "bring your gun to work" law. But...
  4. ICBM

    City of Evansville still violating state pre-emption...

    Property owned by the city of Evansville STILL explicitly state on their websites that firearms (including handguns) are not allowed. Like Deaconess Sports Park, Victory Theater, and The Ford Center (Prohibited Items). If they enforce this rule, it's in violation of state law.
  5. ICBM

    Open Carry And Constitutional Rights

    So, I found this article from early last year. Good read for those who Open-Carry; ------------------------------------------ By Robert Merting, The Shooting Channel If you want to open carry a firearm, you best be polite. It also helps to know the law, your rights, and what to expect. To...
  6. ICBM

    Motor Vehicle Handgun Placement

    How does everyone here carry in their vehicle? Do any of you have a certain place to put your sidearm? Do you prefer to keep it on your waist? I have a paddle holster, and I wedge it between my driver and middle seat of my standard cab Silverado. I have it so it's tight enough to not be...
  7. ICBM

    Discharging Firearm - Indianapolis

    Anyone here KNOW the laws for discharging a firearm in Indianapolis? Apparently, this is not as cut and dry as I thought. I did some research and found this thread. According to the poster, the law on the books prohibits discharge within the "Indianapolis Special Police District" which is...
  8. ICBM

    Good new law for NFA firearm seekers.

    No need to make a trust for your NFA weapon anymore; the chief, sheriff, etc., has only 15 days receive and process your NFA paperwork by law.:banana: They can only deny with just cause.:dude:
  9. ICBM

    "Show me your carry papers!"

    Above from KWTX.com So, in your new state law, the legislator has decided that carrying a gun openly waives your 4th Amendment rights, which it does not. I hope all you guys refuse to provide your permits to police who stop you unjustifiably. As an Indiana resident, I've brought up this issue...
  10. ICBM

    Use of force

    Since we talk about carrying styles and OC'ing in general a lot in Indiana, I've noticed a lack in threads about the legalities of use of force. First, here is the current (08/29/15) "Use of force" statute for Indiana, along with a definition that I'd want to talk about in this thread. I...
  11. ICBM

    Hancock County ordinance violating state preemption statute

    The county ordinance; $x=Advanced#JD_Chapter130"]§ 130.06 DEADLY WEAPONS PROHIBITED IN COUNTY STRUCTURES. (C) (2) No person may intentionally display a firearm at a public meeting in any structure owned or leased by the county. The state preemption statute; IC 35-47-11.1-2 Political...
  12. ICBM


    So I was wondering what exactly I could carry under the License to Carry Handgun, so I found the definition of "handgun"... IC 35-47-1-6 "Handgun" Sec. 6. "Handgun" means any firearm: (1) designed or adapted so as to be aimed and fired from one (1) hand, regardless of barrel...
  13. ICBM

    Refusal to identify self, provide handgun permit

    So, I was reading an article from 2010 which reports how the "IMPD said that in the current atmosphere, police need to check permits and a gun carrier's intentions." Article So I checked the state law on when you are required to provide ID... "IC 34-28-5-3.5 Refusal to identify self...