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  1. bmg50cal

    Hb 1840

    The measure passed 61-37 and now goes to the state Senate. http://mynorthwest.com/174/2225491/Wash-eyes-gun-surrender-for-restraining-order http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?year=2013&bill=1840...
  2. bmg50cal

    Arrested at range for refusing illegal search by police

    MP-Pistol.com member arrested at range for refusing illegal search by police. :shocker: http://mp-pistol.com/boards/index.php?/topic/32335-arrested-at-range-for-refusing-illegal-search-by-police
  3. bmg50cal

    Island County Code - illeagal prohibition of firearms in Island County parks

    Island County Code - Illeagal prohibition of firearms in Island County parks Updated: Island County has an illegal code on thier books probiting firearms in their parks. Now that Oak Harbor has been brought into conformance with RCW the county in which Oak Harbor resides needs to act in kind...
  4. bmg50cal

    CPL - Island County - Help!

    Introduction: Hi, I'm basically new here besides having lurked the forums for over a year and decided to join as I now am having a problem with Island County. I am Wa born but was raised elsewhere and I returned and have been a resident for 5 months now. Now to the subject: I finally applied...