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    Traveling in Wisconsin with out of state permit, Valid?

    I looked on the DOJ website and Inread that Wisconsin only issues permits to residents or non-resident military residing in the state. I looked at their reprocity on the state website and from what I gather, my Florida resident permit would NOT be valid. However, my Pennsylvania non-resident...
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    The PA PICS Denial waiting game...

    Whats the deal with the PA PICS? I have several permits to carry in different states including my home state and haven't had any police encounters besides the simple traffic stop since I have applied for my first permit years ago. I decided to go into a PA county sheriffs office that is known...
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    Got Pulled Over while Open Carrying... Good Experience FHP

    So I was driving along the interstate in the left lane driving fast like a lot of people in FL do and I get nailed. No problem. Guess i am going to traffic school. I was open carrying on my right as the way my seatbelt is I don't like my shirt over it. I usually have my carry permit in a...
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    Carrying in Colorado Springs

    I have an event I am going to in Colorado Springs in a few months. What is the atmosphere on Open Carry in this part of Colorado?
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    Carry situation at a Truck Stop caused LEO to be summoned... Bad Encounter

    I am not going to name the rest stop but I will say its off I-95 near NC. So I have one of those concealed holsters that is pack. I like this because it doesn't look like a fannypack which I think makes me look femine and I also like the idea that with a quick second I can unzipper and...
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    Book burning in Gainesville on 9/11 and also carrying

    FIRST I want to stress that I don't want this thread to turn into if anyone is for or against this book burning thing. Any comments about being for or against it may cause an issue here so I warn that. What I would like to mention is this is a public gathering of this pastor exercising his...
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    Proper Storage while at the beach

    imported post I don't do this now but the topic came up in a discussion between myself and some friends. Say you are with some friends riding around on scooters or mopeds and end up at the beach. You are carrying concealed. You decide you all want to go in the water. Is there a legal and...
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    LEO Encounter that was silly in Delaware County, PA

    imported post So my FL Permit covers me in PA and my friend I was with is a PA resident and has a Delco permit. We were open carrying anyway but as a rule that we go by in Philadelphia County or the suburbs, we wear that "Legally Armed" permit holder on our hip which openly shows the permit...
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    Just incase you didn't get the memo on the new proposed NJ Carry Bill

    imported post Assemblyman Michael Carroll (R) has proposed a bill to remove our favorite thing to hate when applying for a permit in NJ. He is removing the requirement for "Justified Need". Assemblyman Michael Carroll's page is here http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/BIO.asp?Leg=164...
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    Just got the CT Non-Resident Permit Application in the mail... Now what?

    imported post Maybe I am new at this but the process, to me, just doesn't seem clear. I called the DPS to inquire about the paperwork once I received it. They told me my Basic Pistol Class had to be taken in CT and that I had to have a local permit first. I told them I was a non-resident and...
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    Open Carry in Schuylkill County, PA - Bad Encounter

    imported post So I ventured up to mining country to look for a house I was interested in purchasing. Being I am going to be looking at a post-foreclosure that, from what I was told from the bank, required a Writ of Possession and a visit from the sheriffs to have the property vacated, I...
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    Armed Courier Service required to be Security Agency?

    imported post A friend of mine and I provide courier services in NJ. What we do is pickup and deliver documents and items of value. Sometimes, we have items that are worth something, such as an expensive automotive part or jewelry. We had a few customers ask if we considered arming ourselves...
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    Drawing on an LEO..

    imported post I have a great story which thank god has a happy ending. My friend was a LEO from MD, He then transfered to a PD in NJ. After that, he transfered to a private security company in PA where he now resides and is no longer an LEO but does consulting. He has a full carry permit in...
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    Can you keep your NYS Pistol Permit when you moved Out of state?

    imported post I am moving to NYS (Mid-state) for business and will be there 8 months to a year. I am not sure where exactly so I can't say. While I am up there, I will obviously change my drivers license over and such and obtain residency. After this time, I would like to purchase a firearm...