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    open carry in MD?

    Is there anything in the laws that would prohibit the open carry of an antique firearm? I haven't been able to find anything.
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    Delaware firearm laws

    imported post a great help those who need information http://www.deloc.org/docs/Delaware_Firearms_Laws.pdf compiled by Rob Wiltbank
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    ijusam's oc log

    imported post I've not the time to log my OC experiences, but I will log unusual encounters or places that I see others are reluctant to venture. Was noticed by everyone in Diamond furniture on rt 40, the salesman was best with a quick "You don't need a gun to get a good deal here"! another...
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    prohibited in "slots"

    imported post I have been looking for the code that prohibits carry in slots. I've seen it listed on handgunlaws.us along with federal buildings, however there isn't any reference. I have to go to the casino for a meeting and would prefer not to have to disarm. if anyone knows of a reference...
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    when can you reload?

    imported post It seems that when a encounter with a leo results in a disarmament, it is often "given back" unloaded and perhaps disassembled, with orders to "wait until I’m out of sight before you reload" Of course, this statement is asinine. But is it a order you have to follow? If you’re...
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    open carried in Maryland today

    imported post I went into Elkton today. On my strong side I was wearing an Uncle Mike' s OWB sidekick loaded with the only weapon Maryland allows me to protect myself with... my cell phone. I hope when I am over there people will ask about the cell phone in the holster, so I can tell them...
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    imported post Hello, another newbie here from Delaware, I envy you all from shall issue states: I spent years waiting for Delaware to become a shall issue state, not wanting to be denied on the whim of some judge having a bad day… but got tired of waiting. So last year I decided to go for...