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    HELP!!! Carry at Arlington National Cemetery?

    Not specifically OC related, but, I will be traveling to Arlington National Cemetery this weekend to take part in the GSM ceremony. I've given myself a wicked headache trying to find out if it is legal to carry there. I see some posts that suggest it is not. But I have not seen anything solid...
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    VA gun shops

    imported post So... I have a bad memory and I am too lazy to wade through thousands of VA posts. Can you guys help me to find the name of one of the dealers that got screwed by Bloomberg last year(this year?). I'll be in Richmond for the folk fest this weekend and swore I'd spend a few bucks...
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    Off Topic

    imported post Any of you guys plan on attending the Folk Festival in Richmondthis weekend? http://www.virginia.org/site/description.asp?AttrID=35032&CharID=324908 I'll be there Friday evening and most of the day on Saturday,and Sunday morning. I won't be OC'ing though, I'll just CC with my...
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    OC at Sears

    imported post OC'd at Sears today. Two sales people were engaged in a conversation near the refrigerators. As I walked past both of them, I smiled and gave a little nod. They both said hello and then looked down at thepistol. *POOF* they were gone. As I continued searchingfor a water filter, I...
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    Larry Kane/`Philly news anchor

    imported post http://www.larrykane.com/2007/04/18/in-wake-of-va-tech-tragedy-smart-gun-control-not-the-phony-kind/#comment-1647 Stop in and let him know what you think. Also, check out his new show on CN8... The Voice of Reason. Funny stuff.
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    i'm not a virgin anymore

    imported post Hello everyone, Open carried today for the first time. Not too long, just to get gas and to a wawa. Admitedly, I went out of my way to hit a wawa that I rarely go to, just in case there was a problem.I don't think the attendent at either placenoticed or theydidn't care. It felt...