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    Conceal Carry - Dover Parks & State Parks

    imported post This question is for Rob - Is it legal to conceal carry in Dover Parks and DE State Parks? The local ordinance and state info from DNREClooks like it says no. What say you? Here's what Dover code (in Parks and Recreation section) says: Sec. 74-24. Dangerous weapons Carrying...
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    NRA - Are you a member

    imported post The best voice we have for protecting our gun rights is the NRA. I personally know John Sigler and the good work he and they do. How many of you are NRA members? If you are not... why not?
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    H.R. 6257 (Legislation to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban)

    imported post H.R. 6257, The Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, known as the Assault Weapons Ban is here again (as of June 12, 2008). This billisco-sponsored by none other than Delaware's own Rep. Mike Castle and is currently being considered in the House for...
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    Delaware House Bill 499

    imported post Changes in Delaware law of 1457 to 1457A regarding safe school zones, is a bad bill. Read it for yourself and compare it to the current 1457. Current (1457): http://delcode.delaware.gov/title11/c005/sc07/index.shtml#P1644_148372 Proposed (1457A)...
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    Why open carry in Delaware?

    imported post .