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  1. Beretta92fsQueer

    Potential Incident At The Range Today

    I was at the range today, enjoying my time especially since I've had to taper back my range days to once per week instead of 3 or 4 days per week. Anyhoo, I walk out of the range, and this guy is standing outside with his girlfriend waiting to go into the range. Walked by him and he was...
  2. Beretta92fsQueer

    Mayor Jenny Durkan Bans Guns Under Emergency Order

    Have been reading up, curious if this is constitutional, and if it includes open carry, and concealed carry. I read the emergency order and it didn't specifically reference firearms, just RCW 38.52. "Meanwhile, weapons have been banned in the city of Seattle, per a civil emergency signed by...
  3. Beretta92fsQueer

    Never Been Delayed 30 Days...Until Now!

    I have purchased dozens of firearms in the city of Seattle over the past 12 years. I have never been delayed. I now live in Federal Way, and my first 2 purchases took the usual time. Then I got delayed 10 days on a pump shotgun. I then decided to purchase a Walther Q5 match and a Q5 .22lr last...