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    Public safety committee deciding on gun control bills today -- watch it live

    The Public Safety Committee is meeting now to deliberate on the gun control bills that it held public testimony on last week. The live stream is available here.
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    Sndy Hook Commission's Interim Report -- Suggested changes to CT laws

    The Sandy Hook Commission just came out with their interim report and suggestions for changing CT law. Get it here. Highlights include: 1. Mandatory background checks on the sale or transfer of any firearm. 2. Requiring registration for any firearm. 3. Requiring the renewal of firearms...
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    SB1076: Ammunition face to face only with registration

    You may only purchase ammunition suitable for your registered firearms and you cannot even possess ammunition that is not suitable for a registered firearm: Sec. 33. (NEW) (Effective July 1, 2013) (a) On and after July 1, 2014, no person shall purchase or possess ammunition without having first...
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    SB1076: Open carry = papers please!

    And now, a vignette brought to you by LibertyUberAlles -- An Opencarryer's tale: OC Citizen: Doo doo doo. I'm walkin' around just mindin' my own business. La la la. Officer Friendly: Oh hi there citizen. OC Citizen: Good morning Officer Friendly. Officer Friendly: Hey, I notice that you...
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    SB1076 - AWB, Registration, and Confiscation

    Public hearing is 3/14. Link to SB1076