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  1. J

    OC incident in OOB

    Today around 3pm i was opencarrying near the strip to my ex girlfriends house. i had just gotten out of my vehicle and holstered my weapon *glock 19*. i was walking through the parking lot when a oob squadcar pulled up *almost hitting me* an officer exited the vehicle and drew his weapon...
  2. J

    Used holsters in VT??

    Does anyone know where to purchase Used holsters in VT? in the duxbury-montpilliar area? im in moretown and usually buy mine at KTP but.....well my serpa just ate it and cracked right down the middle......and the only gunshop i know of is pirro's .........soooo yeah :-)
  3. J

    anyone else OC in saco?

    imported post just wondering.......i OC daily in saco......i've NEVER seen another person doing so. and Saco PD tells me neither have they. so im just wondering. Does anyone else OC in saco? or am i a lone wolf? IF ya do Let me know. maybe we can get together and do some good ole saco OC'in...
  4. J

    friends tale of ....not such a humanly attack?

    imported post so this is not my story, just was told by a friend of mine how this happened last week where he lives in alaska. So my friend paul is legally deaf. he can hear very loud noises and uses a hearing aid but cannot hear anything that most would. so last week he was asleep in his home...
  5. J

    goin to vermont for a week

    imported post goin to vermont with my gf to visit her parents for a week on the 14th. anyone know how the OC'ing in south duxbury is?
  6. J

    Home-made pistol display box for $10!

    imported post Just Made this display box for my Taurus pt-92. used a old cleaning kit wood box, and some foam. came out awesome :-D all you have to do is take out the plastic junk that holds the cleaning supplys. trace your pistol/ accessories. peel out 1/2 the foam . place new piece of...
  7. J

    Easy question.

    imported post i know here in the state of Maine, you cannot OC in a car or truck, suv, camper or other motor vehicle or boatwithout a CCW permit. However.......can you ride a bicycle? can you rollerblade? can you ride a horse? how about a canoe or kayak? i know if you do any of these...
  8. J

    lookin for a pistol.

    imported post anyone know where i can get my hands on a Smith & Wesson 6906 9mm???? i've been looking absolutely everywhere for the last year and a half. cant find one anywhere :(
  9. J

    76 reasons to have a gun!!!!

    imported post this should answer a LOT of questions about why we own and carry guns :-) http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig10/gillespie1.1.1.html "A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." Sigmund Freud :-)
  10. J

    Camp Ellis gun club!????

    imported post alright, i live across the road from the camp ellis gun club, i would really like to go shooting there!...............but heres the question, does it even exist anymore, all i see is a gate, hear gunshots, but never see anyonecome or leave..........i googled the crap out of it and...
  11. J

    going to vermont saturday!

    imported post just wanted to make sure............you DONOT need a CCW to conceal in VT? eventhough im from Maine? lol dont wanna cross over the boarder, conceal then go to jail for it :-D that would suck lol
  12. J

    what would you do?

    imported post Anissue came up in an earlier conversation on one of the threats and made me think. so i have a question to ask everyone............ in a situation where you were armed, and in public, and you saw another persons life about to be taken from them........ what would you do? Would...
  13. J

    i open carry!..........because im crazy???

    imported post so i OC'd all day yesterday, as i do every day of the year. I went to wal-mart to do some shopping and on the way out a rich NJ lady was getting out of her BMW and noticed my weapon. She proceeded to stampeed towards me, fists balled and a look of rage *or constipation* in her...
  14. J

    any OC'ers in southern maine?

    imported post i have yet to see another OC'er in southern maine, kinda feel like a lone horse on a plain haha anyone else OC daily in the saco,scabrough, kennebunk heck anywhere under portland? lol
  15. J

    this country is officialy insane!

    imported post okay, we need a change of government, nasa just shot a missle at the moon! blowing a huge crator in it............and OBAMA just won the nobel peace prize! what the hell is going on! Give a lefty moron the peace prize after less than a year in office, and blow up the moon? what is...
  16. J

    ever mod a holster?

    imported post i usualy carry a custom glaco leather pancake for my beretta 92f. but i moved very recently and the holster disapeared somehow! very distraught and saddened when i realised i only had $20 to my name decided to go to a army navy store to see what used POS's they offered :( i...
  17. J

    moron!!! if this has already been posted sorry

    imported post i dont know if this has already been posted. and even if it has i want to post it so anyone new to firearms can see WHY liberals want to take away our rights, its morons like this who make those who carry look bad, and those who own too! this guy says in a later interview, he...
  18. J

    Saco is officialy an OC friendly town!!!!!!!!!!!

    imported post i have been communicating with , the saco ME police and various officers on the topic of OC in the state of maine, basicaly asking questions and informing them of state laws that allow it. i am glad to say i just recieved a personal e-mail fromsaco Me Police departmentstating...
  19. J

    Maine needs more awarement

    imported post i've noticed, southern maine needs alot more knowledge on OC..............noone down here including the police have even heard of it , we need a very large OC picknick or gathering in southern maine!!!
  20. J

    attack on a dirt road

    imported post my original post was much longer, long story short, chased down on dirt road, window punched out, fired almost 14 rounds...........noone died including me ! guess thats a good thing!