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    non-residents who don't have nv reciprocity

    just say the reciprocity list for nv. doesn't look very good - i'm in a state that does not have reciprocity, and the states that do largely do not issue to non-residents. so i take it OC is the only way to legally carry in NV? also, is oc legal at shot show?
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    CT Wachovia Bank Branches POSTED NO GUNS

    imported post I just noticed a little plaque on the outside of a local Wachovia Bank branch (lower ffld county). It is not very prominent - it is a silver plaque placed on the side of the entrance. the sign has symbols for "no guns, no smoking, no soliciation" I'll post a pic of the sign...
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    so is warner heading for a landslide victory in va?

    imported post wtf. anyone see his ads bashing the nra?
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    open carry ... south hill

    imported post spent the weekend training with larry vickers in south hill. a few of the folks in the class from unfree states (I won't mention New Jersey by name) decided to stretch their legs and breath the sweet air of freedom ... and open carried in a number of the fine lodging and dining...
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    suppressors in va

    imported post non-resident coming into VAtonight for a class this weekend. bringing asuppressor with me. don't need an ATF form 5320.20 for the can ... but i am wondering if it's kewl under VA law. thanks! slut
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    OLR Opinion on CT "Castle Doctrine" - Good Read!

    imported post http://www.cga.ct.gov/2008/rpt/2008-R-0320.htm
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    complete list of municipalities/towns where grandfathered OC prohibitions exist?

    imported post do we have a complete list yet? i'm driving through WV this week and will OC in the car, even though I have CCW's up the wazoo (just not ones that WV will recognize). i think i'm okay as long i stay in the car, but would like to know before i step out and gas up, drain the...
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    my kind of OC!

    imported post :idea::celebrate:idea:
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    Virginia Legal Question ... (Hunting & Fishing Related... VA Beach Access Issue)

    imported post Guys, Many states indemnify private property owners from liability when the landowners give consent to third parties to hunt and fish on the land. Is this the case for Virginia, and if so, does this indemnity apply to municipalities as well? Cites? Just asking becausetown of...
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    LEO 229 ...

    imported post This wouldn't be you perchance?
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    OC (VA) and LEO / Clueless Citizen Interaction Checklist?

    imported post BobCav has put together a really nice summary pamphlet of VA gun laws here: http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum54/3342.html There's even a little space to jot notes for LEO interactions. Has anyone here put together a quick list of what to do/say if and when confronted by an LEO...
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    OC, I-80 rest stop, somehwere west of wilkes-barre

    imported post had to water the cactus. hit the restroom. buncha guys from Nazi Jersey (saw them get out of their car)gave me a wild-eyed dirty look. Overheard them exclaiming ... "Did you see that guy packing heat?!!!" response from the rest-stop attendants...
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    i guess it's not a good idea for a korean dude to be oc'ing in VA this week...

    imported post :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: :banghead:
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    so, the AG said CCCW permit list is no longer public info?

    imported post Um, good news for VA CCW'ers, I guess? http://www.roanoke.com/news/roanoke/wb/112135 State police close list of gun permits The attorney general said the list contained sensitive information. By Laurence Hammack An editorial writer's botched attempt to highlight an open...
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    Recommend a Good VA Gun Attorney ...

    imported post ...in the (less than likely, but in the realm of the possible) event I would need one following a defensive shooting? thanks for all your help. always nice to have a list of emergency contacts when traveling through VA. :)
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    D.C. Gun Ban Overturned (sorry for the dupe) YEEEEHA!

    imported post Polishing the Glock in DC - DC Court upholds Second Amendment Posted by Macranger on March 9th, 2007 Another victory for the 2nd Amendment, via How Appealing: “BREAKING NEWS — Divided three-judge D.C. Circuit panel holds that the District of Columbia’s gun control laws violate...
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    pick a gun-friendly town in NoVA for me to live in?

    imported post oops sorrywrong forum ... mods you can delete this one...
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    manassclown 7 update?

    imported post anything new to report? will the officers get disciplined? will the town offer an apology? will the mainstream media be on hand to screw up the story again? is tony's loving the free advertising? ;):P
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    Open Carry A Subgun in VA?

    imported post *chuckles* in my state i can legally carry (concealed) a submachine gun, because it just happens to be a fully automatic handgun. (of course I'm ATF approved). has anyone open carried an SMG in VA? that's pushing the envelope a bit, might be a tad obnoxious too ... but i love...
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    Open Carry in Cary?

    imported post Visiting the Consolidated Area for Relocated Yankees this weekend. What's the general tone for OC in Cary? I read a few earlier posts - would love to hear some more. thanks! -s