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    Info about Chincoteague and Assateague Island

    My wife wants to make a weekend trip to Chincoteague and Assateague Island. We have never been there and needing some info. What places are off limits for oc/cc? What is worth going to see? What places should be avoided? Thanks
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    OC Breakfast - Tri-City Area (Richmonders welcomed)

    imported post Anyone interested in an OC breakfast on Saturday the13th @0930,at IHOP in Chester on Rt. 1 about a mile north of Rt. 10 ???
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    NBC 12 to do special report on self defense

    imported post If I heard correctly, on Nov. 5th at 5:00 p.m. and again at 11:00 p.m. NBC channel 12 is suppose to do an "in depth" report on the use of firearms for self defense. I think it's called To shoot or not to shoot or something like that. Has anyone else heard about this???
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    C & E Gun Show Saturday and Sunday

    imported post For those that don't get the VCDL Update, this was just released - ************************************************** 1. Antis planning protest at Richmond gun show on Saturday! ************************************************** The Million Mom March/Bady Campaign is planning a...
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    Contractors in the Big Easy under fire

    imported post Didn't someone say something about taking everyone's guns??? I guess the criminals didn't get the memo. It is a real shame that a young hard working soon to be father lost his life and the child will never know their father...
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    EAA revolvers

    imported post Does anyone know anything about the EAA revolvers (never heard of EAA). My better halfgave me one for my birthday. She knew I was wanting a 6 shot snub nose and got me one in .357 mag. I haven't tried it out yet.
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    Webb's pistol packing pal

    imported post It was aired this evening that Webb's partner in crime had all charges for position of a loaded pistol DROPPED. I wonder if the out come would have been the same if Webb had been a republican??? I still want to knowwhy Webb has not been charged (or anyone else) for position of an...