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    More offense

    HB 610 will allow a person with a Ky. concealed carry license to carry at all locations in Ky. with the exception of courtroom, court proceeding or building solely occupied by a Court of Justice Courtroom, detention facilities, police stations, sheriff's office and bars. No other restrictions...
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    Now We Go on Offense for a Change

    The first of at least two progun bills appeared today. It is HB 529 and it's sponsored by Savannah Maddox. You can see the bill here: https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/20rs/HB529.html This bill is a total repeal of KRS 237.115. For the first time, in my memory, a statute that "infringes"...
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    Shelby County is now a 2A Sanctuary County

    Vote was tonight. Shelby County Fiscal Court voted 8-0 to accept the resolution. The County Judge/Exec. wrote the resolution himself and it was absolutely stirring and stunning. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to get a copy and have it framed to hang it on the wall. It was eloquent. I...
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    Two Special Elections Feb. 25th.

    I urge everyone living in the 67th and 99th district to get out to vote in the SPECIAL ELECTION Feb 25th VOTE FOR MARY JO WEDDING 67TH AND RICHARD WHITE 99TH. WE NEED THOSE SEATS. BOTH WERE DEMOCRATIC SEATS. Those House Districts are for the counties of Campbell, Lewis, Rowan and Elliot. If...
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    Gun Rally at the Capitol Next Friday

    There is a 2nd Amendment rally scheduled for Jan. 31 at the Capitol in Frankfort. Time is from 9am to 3pm. This rally is sponsored by Constitutional Kentucky. There will be speakers from NRA, KC3 and others. If you missed the one on the 7th of Jan. this is your chance to make your voice heard by...
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    Senate Bill 89

    Here is a bill for the OCDO "Constitutional Scholars" to chew on. https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/20rs/sb89.
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    Savannah Maddox introduces HR 45

    https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/20rs/hr45.html HR 45 will say that the General Assembly will pass no "Red Flag" bill's and no Bill's that violate the 2A rights of the citizens. When you read the summary and want to see the entire text just click on "Introduced".
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    Gun Control Bill before the Ky. 2020 General Assembly

    Before you read any of this, be aware of the fact that yesterday at a rally on the steps of the Capitol the Majority Floor Leader of the Senate said, "No gun control bills will pass the Senate this year. This includes any "Red Flag" laws." Knowing that I cannot imagine any Committee Chair...
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    Gun Rally

    What a great rally!! Everybody involved is to be congratulated. The speakers were great. The legislators that spoke said just what we wanted to hear. "There will be no anti-gun bills this year and that includes "Red Flag" laws." That is straight from Damon Thyer, Majority Floor Leader of the...
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    Jefferson County Clerk's Office

    Back in November, a KC3 member contacted board members about an apparent violation of KRS 65.870. This KC3 member is an employee of the Jefferson County Clerk's Office. The employee complained that employees of that office were told that possession of a firearm while at work or on official...
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    Charles Booker files to run for US Senate

    Charles Booker today declared himself a candidate for US Senate and hopes to eventually run against Mitch McConnell. Mr. Booker is a State Representative from Jefferson County and the sponsor of Prefiled Bill BR 187, a repeal of Constitutional Carry...
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    Newly sworn in Governor Andy Beshear ordered the removal of the POW-MIA flag from the capitol.

    This came from Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1957468184351183/permalink/2519859778112018/ Dustin R. IsaacsYesterday at 4:27 PM Disappointed by the decision of Governor Andy Beshear's administration to order the POW-MIA flag be removed from atop the State Capitol Building on just...
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    "Assault Weapons" Bill Prefiled for 2020 Legislative Session

    Jeffery Donohue (D) of Jefferson County has prefiled an "Assault Weapons" Bill for 2020. You can see a summary of the bill here: https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/20rs/prefiled/BR354.html If you want to see the full text of the bill click here...
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    A Ky. gun owner contacted us through our website, KC3.com to complain about a "No Firearms" sign in the Jackson County courthouse. You can see a picture of that sign here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yq93ocped7acrzb/IMG_2160.jpg?dl=0 A member of the KC3 Board contacted Jackson County Judge/Exce...
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    NRA_ILA will be at this Year's Court Days- 10/18-10/21

    The NRA-ILA was instrumental in getting Constitutional Carry passed in Kentucky this year. They will have a booth set up at Court Days. Email I received from NRA-ILA: The NRA-ILA will be at this year's Court Days Festival. Come on out to Kentucky's oldest festival. Since 1794, this event has...
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    Wayne County Courthouse

    A KC3 member sent in a pictiure of a sign that he said was posted on three entrances to the Wayne County Courthouse. You can see a picture of the sign here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkqumf0ri1klsbq/Wayne%20County%20courthouse.jpg?dl=0 It only took two emails and a one phone call to convince...
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    Prefiled Omnibus Gun Control Bill in Ky. House, BR 342

    This monster does everything. Assault weapons registration, high capacity mags. ban, gun registration, thief reporting, universal background checks, gun lock-ups, guns left in estates, straw deals, colleges property same as schools, license required to possess a handgun, repeal of preemption and...
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    Scott County Preemption Violations

    Recently, a message was sent by our website, KC3.com. The message contained a picture of a sign on a county building in Scott County and asked about it. The sign warns everyone that "Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons is Prohibited on All County Property". This is, of course, illegal. Local...
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    Nicholasville Preemption Violations

    The following is a repost from KC3's Facebook page. ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DONE TO ONE OF US COULD SOMEDAY BE DONE TO ANY OF US. YOUR CITY COULD BE NEXT TO DO THIS. In March of this year, the City of Nicholasville adopted a new employee policy. That policy revision included prohibitions on City...
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    Article from Courier-Journal on new CC law

    Not the best article but considering it is the Courier-Journal it not too bad. This appeared yesterday, the print version will be out this weekend. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2019/06/25/kentucky-new-concealed-carry-law-what-it-means-for-gun-loving-state/1511455001/ And now a...