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    Question about the ranges

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    Bulk Ammo

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, mods feel free to place accordingly as I really couldnt find a topic to place under. I had a magazine once where you could buy ammo cans of 1000-5000 rounds very cheap and I have lost that and cannot seem to find anything online. Does anyone have a link or a...
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    Unconstitutional ?

    I was just reading that the CC permits are unconstitutional, being that you already have to go through background checks to purchase a gun,,, then its just a revenue making to take a short course and permit. Being the permits are no longer applied to any data bases nor attached to the drivers...
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    Attn mods/admins

    Can someone message me about a posting issue, I cant figure out how to find and contact anyone Basically, its just when I comment, it doesnt show up on the threads and I get a "pending Mod approval" message ? I still havent seen my comments from yesterday or any I posted today as well. Thank you.
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    Picked up my new cannon