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  1. We-the-People

    What happened?

    I've been gone for a while, life has been hectic and other things have kept me from the forum for quite some time. Today I logged in and found that I'm not the only one that's been absent. We have issues here in Oregon. There is currently a confiscation initiative trying to get on the ballot...
  2. We-the-People

    Unlawful (preempted) Ordinance challenges across the state.

    Okay, it's been a year since I finished my document on Oregon cities with preempted firearms ordinances (and not preemped ones). I'm not aware of anyone having used the data to challenge any local ordinances in their area, including here locally. SO, I am about to embark (started already)...
  3. We-the-People

    Open Carry dot Org and members in the news over Oregon gun "buyback"

    Several members of OCDO were quoted (from OCDO forum posts) in a Fox News article on the Newport Oregon gun "buyback" (illegal gun show here in Oregon). http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/01/23/firearms-enthusiasts-crash-gun-buyback-to-hunt-bargains/
  4. We-the-People

    SALEM RALLY 9 FEB 2015 The Heirs of Patrick Henry

    This event is about ALL rights, not just firearms or Open Carry, and the challenges we will be facing over the next two years with a fully democrat party controlled legislature and executive. Open Carry is welcome (though it is not THE emphasis of rally). That said, I'm certain there will be a...
  5. We-the-People

    US Postal Service "contract services" providers

    Just want to clear something up. The US Postal Service is closing up a lot of small post offices at the same time they are entering into agreements with private businesses to provide "postal services". MANY of these PRIVATE BUSINESSES have all manner of "US POST OFFICE" or "US POSTAL...
  6. We-the-People

    LOCAL Oregon Firearms Ordinances - Comprehensive Listing

    Here is the long awaited Local Oregon Firearms Ordinances research paper. Brought to you by the OpenCarryUSMC YouTube channel and Little Brother: Solutions for Big Brother. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-j8gKKfc-McaGdpcF84cFQyalU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. We-the-People

    Anyone with Oregon Open Records experience?

    I want to do an Open Records request for 911 calls, dispatch recordings, and police calls for a one hour period in Portland on a specific day. Looking at Portland PD's web site it appears that they want to charge "$50 per hour, minimum" JUST for copies of 911 calls. My understanding is that...
  8. We-the-People

    The right way to handle an OC encounter with police

    This is the right way to handle an open carry encounter with police. Unfortunately, they got stopped at a traffic light.....that's another video.....and didn't get the full effect. But it's priceless how they just say "Have a nice day" and walk away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuiRUL27qis...
  9. We-the-People

    OC Motorcycle ride up the Oregon coast and back via inland route

    A friend and I are making an OC motorcycle trip from the Medford area to Brookings, then up the coast of Oregon. Tillamook is the Northernmost point planned though depending on weather and bodies holding up we might cut that short. Return will be down 99 then potentially east out to the Bend...
  10. We-the-People

    Josephine County 911 call but no responders available

    Check the NEWS AND POLITICAL ALERTS forum for the Josephine County 911 call that went unassisted and ended with the caller beaten and raped. http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?114607-911-call-goes-unaided-no-police-available-woman-raped
  11. We-the-People

    911 call goes unaided....no police available.....woman raped

    This happened in Cave Junction Oregon, in Josephine County. The sheriff's department has been cut to just just 5 deputies plus the sheriff. They operate 5 days per week, 8 hours per day, on a rotating and unpublished schedule. BUT....they weren't working on the morning of August 18th 2012...
  12. We-the-People

    Multnomah county passes anti-gun ordinances

    So here's a quick rundown per OFF: Loaded Open Carry without CHL is banned Loaded magazines and speed loaders are banned in public places including car anywhere within the county You must allow police to inspect possessed magazines even if you don't have a gun Only bank security guards can be...
  13. We-the-People

    Hit this poll on Oregon gun ban

  14. We-the-People

    After three years OC I finally had an OC related police interaction (with A/V)

    So after more than three years of daily OC I finally had an encounter (on 3 Jan) with law enforcement due to the OC. Had I not been walking with a long gun carrier I'm guessing they never would have "stopped by". On the bright side, it was a consensual encounter rather than a detainment and...
  15. We-the-People

    Gun enthusiasts "crash" CeaseFireOregon gun buyback in Portland

    Yesterday a group of pro gun types "crashed" a cease fire Oregon gun buyback in Portland. The Oregonian actually wrote a fairly decent story on the issue and there's a GREAT quote from Portland PD as well. How does this involve Open Carry? I was there OC the whole time and no LEO contacts at...
  16. We-the-People

    Peets Coffee (bane of OCers) SOLD

    Peets coffee has been sold and is "going private" after the company was purchased by a German investor (deal to close around October). While I'm saddened to see them sold for an apparent profit (would have been nice if they bellied up due to the OC movement basically boycotting them) perhaps...
  17. We-the-People

    Cross post notification of News & Political alerts post I wrote

    Please go check it out. It's a slightly edited (format and some class requirements removed) copy of a short paper I submitted tonight for my Business Ethics course. The paper addresses "gun free" zones and business/government creation of them from a consequentialist theory ethical position...
  18. We-the-People

    My "Business Ethics" course paper on "gun free" zones (post Aurora, format edited)

    My "Business Ethics" course paper on "gun free" zones (post Aurora, format edited) Security increased at movies following shootings Summary: In the wake of the July 20 shooting rampage in Aurora Colorado security is being increased at similar locations. The Wall Street Journal article...
  19. We-the-People

    Medford OCer arrested for Disorderly conduct while OCing and protesting a radar van

    See the other thread to avoid duplications
  20. We-the-People

    Medford Open Carrier Arrested - Speed Trap Warning

    BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday a Medford Open Carrier who is a member here (though not a rabid poster) was arrested today and charged with violation of city ordinance on disorderly conduct. He was protesting the speed enforcement radar/photo van 150 yards or so from his house. Het set up a tripod...