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    Fern Creek H.S. Shooting

    Ok, so let me get this straight.... we just had a school shooting and we had kids hiding in fear and in fear for their lifes with someone that shot at the school and one person injured and all that they we're able to do was hide and hope for law enforcement to show up........This is...
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    Ways to support 2A (Jefferson County/Louisville area)

    As some of you know, im running as a "Write In" Candidate for Constable's Office, I "open carry" all the time and i get asked questions about it every now and then, does anyone know of any handouts or pamplet's that can help enlighten people of ky law and firearms, that i could pass out, or any...
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    DOCJ report on Open Carry

    thought you all might find this an interesting read, so im sharing.
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    David Whitlock 3rd Dist. Constable

    Whats everyones take on this situation?
  5. M

    Constables office, Louisville

    imported post Hi, Im running for the Office of the Constable in the 3rd District, here in Louisville. My name is David Hamilton, I've been on here for a few months now, and with all the incidents people have been having while open carrying, I plan on educating people on gun safety and the...
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    I was asked to cover up by a off duty LMPD Officer a week ago.

    imported post I was at walmart getting groceries and this guy walks up to me and ask if im a police officer when I say no, he flash's his badge and tells me he needs me to cover up with my shirt. I tell him I cant due to not having CDWP, and hes said ok, but that if another cop saw me with my...
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    Fairdale Super wal-mart

    imported post I went in the other night around 11-12pm with my S&W MP on my hip and the only person to say a word to me was a cashier to tell me her dad carry's all the time.:celebrate