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    cross country trip

    so I might be moving from Va to Cali. the route I plan taking is mostly I40. I will be going thru tenn, ark, ok, tx, nm, ariz, then into cali. can anyone help me with restrictions on carrying weapons in vehicles. I do have a Va CCW. I had planned on having one gun in my center console, the...
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    gun rights march in Lynchburg

    i read in the News and Advance today that there was a very small march by gun control advocates and while it seemed like nothing much, it got me to thinking that there are a few members from the Lynchburg area on here and i wondered how hard it would be to rally a gun rights march around here...
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    ammo in other countries

    since ammo is in such short supply here in the US, i wondered if we could buy ammo say in mexico or canada?? are you allowed to carry ammo across country borders like that??
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    the next trend?

    i guess if the govt doesnt win, the banks will. Heres a story about a licensed gun store whose assets were froze because BofA didnt want them to sell guns and parts on the internet. "After countless hours on the phone with BANK OF AMERICA I finally got a Manager in the right department that...
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    AWB in the past

    i have a few questions for those that lived thru the earlier AWB of the mid 90's. today i was wondering about handguns that do not use an extended mag but still hold more than 10 rds. would these guns be banned?? also what about the "handguns" (basically the sbr's that dont have a stock) that...
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    any new trouble?

    since all of the news surrounding the CT shootings, has anyone experienced any trouble for carrying now? reason i ask is it seems around me that the anti's dont like that i carry now, although they never said anything years ago. i got quite a few evil looks the other day in a store. maybe its...
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    Guns can be regulated says Scalia

    heres a link i found interesting... http://www.nationaljournal.com/scalia-guns-may-be-regulated-20120729
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    background check

    i was reading an article on yahoo and something popped out at me. "Gun sellers in the Bluegrass State, which has just 4.3 million residents, generated almost 2.3 million instant background checks in 2011.... Kentucky's numbers were distorted because the state runs a fresh background check every...
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    illegal gun sales

    Just saw on local news about a story concerning 5 out of 8 online gun sellers sold guns illegally by not doing a background check. fox 21 had the story, but the most confusing part was they mentioned that online gun sales dont require background checks. So what exactly was illegal if theres no...
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    coming thru your state

    we are going to be driving down to Charlotte and i was wondering what the rules are for carrying while driving and if any special laws exist for charlotte. I will be conceal carrying though and i have a VA CHP which i read that NC recognizes it. My biggest question is do i have to have my guns...
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    need some clarification on a possible home invasion scenario

    ok hypothetical story, ...you are at home, bad guy tries to kick in your door. he gets in after 2 kicks, you have a gun and a bat. 1 scenario is you shoot him in his legs, call the cops to come get him. what will happen to the shooter? 2 scenario, you club him in his knees, he goes down, you...
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    jacket issue - cc to oc with a permit

    now that winter is about here, we are all starting to wear coats(it was in the 60's today though). my question about coats is....say i'm wearing a shoulder holster, vertical, and i have on a coat. I go out to get something to eat, go inside, get a booth. if i take my jacket off, is that legal?
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    question about brandishing - What if only the grip and back edge of the slide show?

    if you wear an IWB and you tuck your shirt in, and all you can see is the grip and back edge of the slide, isnt this brandishing??
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    CC in Richmond?

    I am going to the tea party convention this upcoming weekend, and i am wondering if one can CC while in Richmond. i had heard that richmond has some stricter rules about gun carrying. Also i am wondering if one is legally able to carry while attending political functions, OC or CC.