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    Dodge County Sherrif election.

    Does anyone know what position Sheriff Ninmann has taken on guns? How about Dan Schmidt her challenger? Wow I had not realized how low my post count is.
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    Knock, knock, knock any body here?

    Since no one has posted anything here for a while I was wondering if any one is still in the state of Wisconsin? Any truth to a rumor of a new gun range in Richfield or a new range in Brookfield?
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    Gun Serial numbers.

    Can a Leo run your guns serial number just because you are carrying a gun? If so, would this not be a defacto gun registration if the Police dept. kept a record of what names went with what serial number.
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    How opinions change

    My how an election can change peoples opinions. One guy I work with was just not interested in guns. Was not afraid, did not care if others had guns, just did not care. He now has asked me about how to purchase a gun here. Where to buy one, and where to shoot. Another worker set down at...
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    Would I be in trouble.

    After seeing a lot of talk about transferring firearms on other websites. I was wondering if I moved to say PA, LA, or MT. Would I have to go through an FFL in the state I am moving to have the firearms "transferred" to me or can I load up the house stuff and move in with out any problems...
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    Trap shooting, gun club, private range?

    My Son Lives in Baton Rouge. Since I find myself down your way more and more I was wondering where a decent place to shoot trap is? Maybe a private gun club looking for new members that would be a good place to shoot? Last maybe a hunting club? Besides I am almost ready to retire and...
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    County park rules.

    After seeing how many members are in the Dodge county area I thought it would be neat to have a get together. So I went to the Dodge County parks website and looked at the rules. I noticed this. Chapter 19.04 Prohibitive Activities and Park Regulation 7 (a) Possessing or having control of...
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    OPen carry in a GFSZ with a CCW?

    My Brain is foggy and I am tired after 5 12hr days. A discussion at work led to the question. Can I open carry in a GFSZ with a CCW, or do I have to cover up? I did a search at the DOJ website and did not see anything specfic about this.
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    A few questions for you guys from La.

    My Son Graduated from LSU in May. I built him and AR for Graduation. I am doing a FFL transfer down your way to his gun shop. The gun shop owner said he would also register it for him. Does La required long guns to be registered? Is there a wait for handguns, and do they have to be...
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    Oostburg Veterans park

    Any one know if the park is posted? Heading over there and was planning on carrying.
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    Another Fleet Farm

    Stopped in at the Beaver Dam Fleet Farm. The sign out front says stop in and check out the handgun and riffle accessories. At the gun counter I found M&P's, XD's, a Berreta m9 I think the 9mm that the military carries 3 different Ruger Vaqueros,s and 2 other Rugers. Their ammo supplied...
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    I am Confused.

    I went to the NRA meeting at Cabela's last night. I got the impression that the reason the NRA likes the permit system is because the Federal Gun Free School Zone law says that only licensed conceal carry is allowed in the GFSZ. The Constitutional Carry Law proposed would not be acceptable to...
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    59 th Assembly Rep Daniel LaMehieu

    I contacted My Assembly rep and asked his position on conceal carry/ constitutional carry. His response was ' I have supported every attempt at concealed that has come up. A properly trained and Licensed concealed carry individual is a good thing". I am not happy about the Properly...
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    Open Carry Petition

    imported post A while back I saw a thread about petitions being given to all 72 county Sherriffs in Wisconsin. I was wondering what the results were. Grizz Just a new guy checking things out.