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  1. JustaShooter

    Minnesota has dropped recognition of Ohio licenses

    Minnesota dropped 4 more states in this year's evaluation of states with similar laws: Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee are no longer recognized. Since Ohio hasn't had any new firearms or concealed carry laws take effect during the past year, I have no idea why they were dropped...
  2. JustaShooter

    Governor Kasich has signed Substitute Senate Bill 199

    Kasich signs 17 bills, including concealed-carry expansion http://www.dispatch.com/content/blogs/the-daily-briefing/2016/12/12192016-kasich-signs-bills.html The new law will take effect 90 days after it is filed with the Secretary of State, so on or about March 20, 2017.
  3. JustaShooter

    Open Carrier spotted at McDonalds in Green at 11:30

    Hey, to the Open Carrier leaving the McDonald's in Green at 11:30am today in a small group (two others I think, who I did not see carrying), are you a member here?
  4. JustaShooter

    Texas Open Carry Groups Issue Joint Statement on OC of Long Arms

    Come and Take It Texas, Texas Carry, Gun Rights Across America and Open Carry Texas Joint Statement on OC of Long Arms – May 21, 2014 FUQ: Emphasis mine.
  5. JustaShooter

    Ohio HB 387 - Constitutional Carry introuduced

    This was just posted over on OFCC: Introduced in the Ohio House yesterday. http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=130_HB_387 I haven't had a chance to read the actual text of the bill yet, but the summary is at least encouraging.
  6. JustaShooter

    Shop Local. Buy Local.

    I saw the following exchange in another thread and rather than derail that thread I though I'd post here and see what others think: While that is your choice, that approach certainly has its drawbacks in my opinion. I choose to shop and buy locally whenever possible. I am willing to pay a...
  7. JustaShooter

    Holster recommendations

    I'll be at the gun show in Medina Ohio this weekend and thought I'd see if I could find a nice holster for my Ruger GP100 3" and maybe one for my Ruger P89/P90 too while I'm at it. I do like nice leather, but wouldn't turn away from Kydex or the like for the right holster. I'm right handed and...
  8. JustaShooter

    Smartphone app for audio recording to the cloud

    I'm trying to find a good smartphone app for recording audio to the cloud. Right now, I'm using an iPhone but could be switching platforms at my next renewal so an app with support for iPhone and Android would be preferable. All I can seem to find are for recording both audio and video...
  9. JustaShooter

    Report: CNN Dumping Anti-Gun Fanatic Piers Morgan

    Found on BFA: http://weaselzippers.us/2013/10/01/report-cnn-dumping-anti-gun-fanatic-piers-morgan/ :monkey:banana::monkey:banana::monkey:banana: http://youtu.be/QCiw5xUmoUQ
  10. JustaShooter

    Visiting MI from OH

    I'll be in MI for a couple of days next week traveling on business with a coworker and will be carrying on the trip. I have an Ohio Concealed Handgun License and I've reviewed the information on handgunlaw.us so I think I have a decent understanding of places I can't carry, etc. I understand...
  11. JustaShooter

    XDs .45ACP and 9mm safety recall

    Springfield Armory has announced a recall of their XDs handguns in both .45ACP and 9mm: http://gunssavelives.net/gun-industry/breaking-springfield-issues-safety-recall-for-xds-9-and-xds-45-pistols/