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  1. oldbanger

    Army Soldiers carrying concealed firearms

    update with image
  2. oldbanger

    Idaho sales tax on FFL transfers?

    Anyone here been charged sales tax on an in Idaho FFL firearm transfer fee?
  3. oldbanger

    More Executive Gun Control: Registration, $2,250 Fees for Some Gunsmiths

    The State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) has issued a letter setting forth more executive gun controls –guidelines for gunsmiths to register with the DDTC and pay fees requisite to that registration.
  4. oldbanger

    Facebook Quietly Expands Ban on Private Firearms Ads to Include Licensed Gun Dealers

    In January 2016, Facebook instituted a ban on private individuals advertising gun sales and, in July, expanded the ban to include licensed gun dealers, as well. The expanded ban lumps Federal Firearms License holders (FFLs) who operate out of their homes with private sellers, although FFLs must...
  5. oldbanger

    Want a Gun-Free Zone? Tennessee Says That’s on You: LITERALLY

    As of July 1, if a handgun carry permit holder in Tennessee is injured, suffers bodily injury or death, incurs economic loss or expense, property damage or any other compensable loss on a property posted as a gun-free zone, they can sue the person or entity who stripped them of their right to...
  6. oldbanger

    Coast Guard exchanges halt sales of 'assault-style' guns

    KODIAK, Alaska — "Assault-style" guns are no longer being sold at four Coast Guard exchange stores that handle firearms, the agency confirmed. John Riley, chief operating officer for Coast Guard exchanges, said the stores define assault-style weapons as semi-automatic guns with magazines with a...
  7. oldbanger

    top comment !!

  8. oldbanger

    a new "gun control" group for veterans, Gen. David Petraeus & ex astronaut Mark Kelly

    a new "gun control" group for veterans, Gen. David Petraeus & ex astronaut Mark Kelly "The Veterans Coalition for Common Sense" [sic] will push to strengthen gun background check laws and help prevent veterans from committing suicide.
  9. oldbanger

    N. Mariana islands judge denies intervention in saf 2a action

    A federal judge in the Northern Mariana Islands has soundly rejected an attempt by a local school’s parent-teacher association to intervene in the Second Amendment Foundation’s successful challenge of a Commonwealth handgun prohibition because the case was already decided and the legislature has...
  10. oldbanger

    ATF Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Gun Storage

    The NPRM seeks public comment on proposals to amend the regulations in Title 27, Part 478 of the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) to (1) implement the Gun Control Act (GCA) requirement that applicants for firearms dealer licenses certify the availability of secure gun storage or safety...
  11. oldbanger

    Ninth Circuit: Right to Bear Arms Includes Right to Acquire Arms

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Monday that the right to bear arms has historically included the right to acquire them, and remanded the case of Teixeira v. County of Alameda, CA to the lower court. Teixeira revolves around Alameda County, CA zoning rules for incorporated...
  12. oldbanger

    Most Expensive Gun Sold at Auction for $1.26 Million

    The Rock Island Auction Company has set the record for the most expensive single firearm to ever sell at auction. A Winchester 1886 rifle
  13. oldbanger

    Washington,DC to Get First Range, Gun Store

    The first gun range and gun store within the city limits of Washington, D.C. is scheduled to open within the next year. :banana:
  14. oldbanger

    “the only way to stop a good guy with a gun is a bad guy with a gun.” !?

    :eek: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/23/kentucky-gun-owner-gun-violence-archive-mark-bryant
  15. oldbanger

    Gawker “Guns Won’t Protect You, Old People, You’re Too Old And Weak“.

    http://bearingarms.com/gawker-gun-shames-seniors-buying-guns-for-protection/http://bearingarms.com/gawker-gun-shames-seniors-buying-guns-for-protection/ :eek:
  16. oldbanger

    Federal Judge: Northern Mariana Islands Handgun Ban Violates 2nd Amendment

    Manglona ruled the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is bound by the restrictions placed upon it by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. And Manglona particularly cited the fact that the CNMI handgun ban violates Second Amendment protections...
  17. oldbanger

    Police Chief Refuses To Issue Concealed Carry Permits

    WEST COVINA, CALIFORNIA Chief David Faulkner of the West Covina Police Department Refuses To Issue Concealed Carry Permits “From 1978 to 2011, there have been sixteen CCW applications made and no permits issued during that time period.”
  18. oldbanger

    Idaho: Permitless Carry Legislation Introduced

    The sheriff of a county (may) shall issue a license to carry a concealed weapon to those individuals between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty-one (21) years
  19. oldbanger

    Idaho counties vary wildly on charging for your concealed weapons license

    Elmore County raises the CWL renewal fee up from $30.00 to $37.70
  20. oldbanger

    Scotts Valley, CA, City Council Rejects Gun Store Licensing

    Scotts Valley [CA] City Council voted 5 to 0 to deny Ordinance No 189 (gun store licensing) http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/08/robert-farago/scotts-valley-ca-city-council-rejects-gun-store-licensing/