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  1. TXOC16

    2019 Legislative Session---It's Dead, Jim (Chuckie)!

    Just a couple of recent comments, excuses, and low-expectation setting from little Chuckie Cotton, a self-important, blowhard, long-time NRA board member, as to why virtually nothing will be accomplished during the upcoming 2019 Texas Legislative session with regard to already introduced pro-2A...
  2. TXOC16

    OCT Founder CJ Grisham Announces Candidacy for TX House District 55 Seat

    OCT founder and open carry activist, CJ Grisham, has officially announced his candidacy for the Texas House District 55 seat: https://www.cjgrisham.com/
  3. TXOC16

    Joe (RINO) Straus Announces His Retirement...Oh, Poor Joey!

    Oh, no! The ever-RINO, unlicensed-open-carry-legislation-killing, anti-Second-Amendment Joe Straus has announced his "retirement" from the Texas Legislature because, shoot-far, gosh-golly, it's just too durn hard to fix the broken stuff in Texas. Never mind the fact that RINOs like Straus are...
  4. TXOC16

    New Unlicensed "OC" Bill HB 1911 Filed in Texas House

    Texas State Representative James White (R-Hillister), who I am sure is an otherwise well-meaning individual, has filed in the Texas House HB 1911 (how cute). Having only briefly scanned through this bill, it clearly has a number of obvious Constitutional defects, not the least of which is the...
  5. TXOC16

    2017 NRA BOD Elections

    2017 NRA Board Member election ballots are being mailed out as I type, and there is no better time than now to replace entrenched, anti-OC Board members like Little Chuckie "Chas." Cotton than right now. Here's openly anti-OC Little Chuckie L. Cotton's pathetic plea for reelection posted by him...