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  1. BrianB

    Open carry black powder guns in Florida (thread split)

    Over in another topic in another state's forum the conversation forked into a discussion of open carry of black powder firearms in Florida. The fork in that conversation began with this post: link The conversation was a lively and, I believe, productive one, but strayed from the topic of the...
  2. BrianB

    How to answer "would I be justified in using lethal force if..."

    I composed this post in response to another topic that got locked before I could post it. I felt it was a notion worth sharing, and getting the take of others, so I decided to start a new thread for it. "Would I be justified in using lethal force if..." It's a question that comes up a lot in...
  3. BrianB

    FDLE Case Law Updates and Special Legal Notices

    While searching the web for something else I stumbled upon this page: http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Content/OGC/Menu/case-law-updates.aspx All sorts of goodies in there for Florida legal eagles that want to keep up with developing case law.