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    Confrontation at Yellowstone

    Below is an e-mail letter with attached narrative (part of a much longer travelog with some photos) describing an Open Carry interaction at a Xanterra Parks and Resorts facility at Yellowstone park. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Xanterra contact information is at the bottom -...
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    Wyoming Open Carry adventure - and other entertaining stories

    Friends, Attached is a PDF file describing a recent western trip, with lots of open carry and other firearm related information. It also has some other personal and entertaining stories. To enlarge on the Wyoming Open Carry parts, let me add the following; We did not encounter any negative...
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    Thank you Uncle Ted - But... NRA Meeting

    Sent to <Help@TedNugent.com> Tues 4/3/2011 If there is any reply, I will let you know. Bob -------- Thank you Uncle Ted - But... A View from the NRA Meeting and Convention My wife Cathy and I enjoyed your rousing presentation at the NRA Experience on Sunday. As you say, if you see a problem...
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    Walk In The Park -- After action report - See attached PDF's

    Friends, The Independence Day (actually all week) Walk In The Park is over and here is the report. I am sending two items directly so you can see what happened and what you missed. First; attached is the WITP handout flyer we provided to the folks we met and who had questions It is a...
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    Critical Mass - Jackson news story about OC on Independence Day

    Friends, I was contacted Monday, June 7th, 2010, by Sarah Lison from the Jackson News and Guide and we discussed the Walk In The Park project. Much of what we discussed is accurately reflected in the article she wrote which appears on Page Three of the 6-9-2010 News & Guide. It is On line...
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    Flyer for - Jackson Independence Day - Walk In The Park

    imported post Friends, As promised, a flyer for the Walk In The Park Independence Day activities is attached. This lays out most of the plans and questions. The contacts with local officials are being made and as yet no problems exist. It looks like a marching contingent in the Independence...
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    Jackson Independence Day - Walk In The Park announcement

    imported post Friends, Please see the one page flyer TEXT (pdf file attached) about the Walk In The Park exercise that a few Wyoming citizens are planning on taking and asking others to join in. It is time to spread this message around. Please post this prominently, make copies to hand out...
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    A Walk In The Park - Update plans

    imported post Friends; As I posted a few weeks ago, the suggested Walk In The Park (WITP) event is well into the planning stage. To reiterate; On Independence Day 2010, in Jackson Wyoming, individuals and groups will gather to open carry and distribute suitable information to those they...
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    A walk in the Park - Independence Day

    imported post Folks; The firearm rules for National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries have changed and will become effective after Feb, 2010. It is time to exercise your rights, so that they don't get too flabby. I will again be visiting Jackson Wyoming in June/July and would like to OC for some...