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  1. Ron_O

    What was the deal with the 10 million LEO patrolling during the eclipse?

    Hey Guys, I normally post in the Nevada section since I'm out of Las Vegas, but I ran up to the Stanley area (above Sun Valley) for the eclipse yesterday and I was open carrying on my motorcycle. But here's the deal. Through Utah on the way up and back home I only saw ONE LEO on the entire...
  2. Ron_O

    Business Owner Goes BALLISTIC as Guy OC's Past His Shop!! (video)

    The real question is what this guy would have done had the police not been there to defend him? As it turns out the business owner wouldn't let this Open Carrier pass so the OC'er called the cops. This video is shot once the police arrived. A thin calm respectful 25 year old white guy is...
  3. Ron_O

    O'Bama Sends DoD to Eject Citizen Troop Guardians from Strip Malls in Las Vegas!

    Obama Sends DoD to Eject Citizen Troop Guardians from Strip Malls in Las Vegas! This is true. My apologies if you've been following us on other sites but I wanted to bring it back here because I know we have a few attorneys in our group. I see this as one of the ultimate open-carry issues we...
  4. Ron_O

    SB-143 Constitutional Carry Bill is to be Heard on Wednesday. We Can Testify!

    I just received the following email from NAGR. We can appear in person in Carson City or by video in Las Vegas. Showing up in numbers will be a big plus. If no one shows they'll assume the worst. Let's try to get there, even if we don't address the committee...
  5. Ron_O

    My Email to the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee Re: SB-143 Constitutional Carry

    NAGR has posted a link with a sample letter and email addresses to the committee regarding SB-143. I opted to draft my own letter and shot it off this morning. The fact is that most often our legislators respond to calls and emails by keeping a simple tally of who's for and who's against and...
  6. Ron_O

    Little rest but a productive weekend for our Good Guys CARRY Guns film project!

    Some of you know that I've been working on a 2nd Amendment film project for a few months now, which is partially how I ended up on this site (researching gun laws in Nevada). Lots to do but this is a next step in the process. I had a marathon online session setting up another cog in the wheel...
  7. Ron_O

    Clarification on 1000 ft. buffer zone around schools. Streets and sidewalks legal?

    I've read conflicting reports about gun possession in school zones. Some have said it's OK on streets and sidewalks and even in school parking lots as long as you leave the weapon in the car and out of view. But the federal statute seems to make exceptions only for private property and police...
  8. Ron_O

    Are anti-gun private businesses discriminating and violating our rights?

    I've been rolling this through my head now for a few weeks. As a business owner I feel we have a right to set our own rules for our private enterprises. But the courts have ruled otherwise. I view our issue of being one about rights, not guns. I place it on equal footing with speech, press...
  9. Ron_O

    OC Video: Have you guys seen this? OMG what a violation of this guy's rights!

    911 operator takes a MWAG call and assures the caller that it's perfectly legal to OC. LEO's are dispatched and man is held on the ground at gunpoint, disarmed, and ultimately released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLmrTENZwDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLmrTENZwDA
  10. Ron_O

    Southern Highlands Park 'No firearms' (pic posted)

    On a bike ride yesterday I dropped into this park to check out the sign. It's located in Southern Highlands on the main road. Is this a private park owned by the Southern Highlands Community Association or a Clark County park, and regardless, thoughts on the legality of the firearms...
  11. Ron_O

    NEVADA: Form a Panel for Government Presentations?

    I'd like to get on some agendas to present our positions of OC and gun laws in general here in Nevada, starting with Clark County regarding park prohibitions, handgun registration, and CCW permitting in general. My impetus for now is the park prohibitions because I do a lot of bicycle riding...
  12. Ron_O

    River Mountains Loop Trail off limits while bicycling?

    I'm an avid bicyclist and occasionally ride the River Mountains Loop Trail which is listed as no firearms allowed. I thought the City of Henderson built and owned it but apparently not. It's posted 'no firearms allowed'. If you're not aware, it goes from the Railroad Pass Casino to Boulder...
  13. Ron_O

    Bicycle Seat Pouch? Legal or Concealed?

    Hey Guys, Awesome forum. I ride a lot through Henderson and parts of the southern county and have a few questions which I'll post separately to keep it simple and organized. I have a pouch beneath my bicycle seat that I keep a lot of stuff in. If I put a gun inside will it be considered...