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    Meet up?

    We finally escaped Seattle this summer (YAY!), but we're missing some of the comraderie there between open carriers. If I'm able to set up a meet, would anyone attend? It would likely be in Sweetwater county somewhere since we're in Rock Springs.
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    Road trip! With meet ups along the way.

    My husband and I will be making our way through the Hwy 2 corridor on May 23rd. We'll be stopping in Leavenworth and Spokane at the very least, and likely Wenatchee. On our way back on the 27th, we'll be headed through the I-90 corridor. Who's up for some coffee or grub along the way?
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    Memorial Day Weekend

    My husband and I will be staying in WY for a few days and then headed home through Utah, likely the Ogden area as we head back north from Evanston. Anyone care for some coffee or dinner and a chat that Monday?
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    Memorial Day Weekend Meet

    Hi guys! As I posted in a previous thread, my family and I are looking to move to the western side of the state in a couple years. This memorial day weekend, my husband and I will be headed out to check out the area, so I figured that I would see if anyone wanted to meet up and have coffee...
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    First Saturday meet in Bothell - 7/6

    Hi guys! I figured I'd get the posting up early for July since I don't think we even had anything for June. We'll be there with crew in tow! Lyon's Den Coffee House 10415 Beardslee Blvd Bothell, WA 98011 See you there!
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    Getting a feel for the area..

    Hi! We're currently living in WA, but it looks like there's a good chance I may be moved for work to the Greensboro/Burlington area in the next year or so, so I figured I'd put some feelers out about what things are like over there. We've got our concealed licenses here, which NC recognizes...