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  1. J

    Handgun legal age to posess in CT?

    I bought a handgun for my son to use at the range. He is turning 18 later this week. I am not familiar with the CT laws beyond purchasing, I know an 18-year old can not purchase a handgun. Can an 18-year old own a handgun or does it just stay in my name until he is 21?
  2. J

    Wallingford Man Arrested for Filming New Haven Police

    I thought this looks like an interesting story. New Haven is getting out of control. http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local-beat/Wallingford-Man-Arrested-for-Filming-New-Haven-Police-107617839.html A bit of curiosity led to a night in jail for Luis Luna, 26, of Wallingford. "It was a pretty...
  3. J

    Could my 18 year old son legally carry a handgun in Vermont?

    He will be 18 soon. We don't have anything planned. I am curious if in the free state of Vermont he could carry one of my handguns if we were visiting.
  4. J

    What kind of records does DPS maintain on Carry Permit Holders?

    A buddy told me that when he renewed his Carry Permit at the DPS in Middletown they mentioned how many handguns they had listed on his "card/file". Some of which he said he no longer owns. What the heck is up with this?
  5. J

    Can you legally posess a copy of your CT carry permit?

    imported post In a defensive use of a firearm the weapon will be taken as evidence. Recent news stories reported that the individual involved in the New Haven Wooster Square "incident" had his permit taken by New Haven Police. On face value alone this does not sound like revocation of the...
  6. J

    My recent experience

    imported post Let me start of by saying that there are some assumptions being made here on my part. I think you will get the picture as you read this. I recently attended a Boy Scout court of honor. My entire family was there because my son was receiving the last of his 21 required badges for...