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    Deadly Force Decision Class Offered In Wauwatosa February 4th

    TRAINING BULLETIN -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wisconsin Department of Justice Concealed Carry Permit Firearms Safety Course Obtaining your Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit has never been more convenient! Stressfire Academy is holding three Firearms Safety Courses directly from the Wisconsin...
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    Business Cards for those businesses who decide to post no firearms

    Guys and Gals, After seeing no firearms signs popping up everywhere at local businesses I thought it was time to create a message that they would understand. I have created the ultimate message the speaks right to the soul of any business owner. I will be selling the business card size notes...
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    Northern Brewer, Home Brew Supply Shop

    Went to the Northern Brewer, home brew supply shop and found it to be posted. When asked when they started the posting the lady laughed and said the 1st, like I should have known enough not to ask. WTF, guess I will find a new place to get my CO2 tank filled. :banghead: * It was the location...
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    Permit #1 goes to JB Van Hollen

    He shouldve been thelast person to get a permit, wth? :cuss: Justice Department inundated with concealed carry applications http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/more-than-80000-concealed-carry-applications-downloaded-tuesday-133006158.html
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    Cheap Bulk Ammo

    I have a three day training event that requires 2500rds of 9mm, 250rds of .40, and 250rds of .38spl Anyone have a hook up for cheap bulk ammo?
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    Well its official! Wauwatosa is now going to be safe. LOL

    Just got home from the city hall meeting where they were debating whether or not to allow weapons in city buildings. And apparently stopping crime is as easy as posting a sign on a door. They voted 6-2 to pass the ordinance to ban weapons, no police presence, no metal detectors, just a sign...
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    City of Wauwatosa attorney pushing for gun ban in city buildings and hart park

    http://wauwatosa.patch.com/articles/tosa-takes-first-step-toward-gun-ban-in-city-venues Looks like I'll be making trip to city hall. :banghead: :cuss: :mad:
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    Got training???

    I had the pleasure to meet and work with Calico Jack for a little one on one training. I have been to multiple conceal carry classes throughout the years and I have no problem expressing that the range experience that I had with Calico Jack was second to none. I have been around firearms my...
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    No For Sale / Trade Ads

    (10) WE DO NOT ALLOW "FOR SALE/TRADE" OR RAFFLE ADS: We use Google Ads to help cover the expenses of the forum and their rules specifically disallow the sale of firearms, ammo and accessories (including the raffle of such). I know you were trying to trade an iPad 16GB for a G27 instead of...
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    Thank you!

    I just wanted to give a heart felt "Thank You" to all of those who helped make this happen. All of those who took the time to write their representatives, or spent countless hours shooting out emails, and attending meet n greets. It was an amazing feat given that only a year and half ago no one...
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    Recruited another open carry member

    Was getting custard tonight with my wife and niece, when a young man asked if I was conceal carrying:confused: I stated that since you can see it, it was considered open carry, and that open carry is currently legal. I had some WCI brochures, flyers, buttons and biz cards left over from my...
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    Guns Are Not The Problem, Our Courts Are!

    Check out the link to this article.... How many chances does our courts give someone who repeatedly uses a gun in assaults? If the courts would get serious and prosecute criminals that continually carry and use firearms illegally then maybe the thugs would think twice about carrying. I like...
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    Our Military Vets Need To Pay Attention

    I found this link on the facebook page of one of my friends. If anyone goes to the VA Hospitol please take note. http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/lippman-enterprises/gun-owners-you-have-to-read-this-big-brother-is-at-the-va-hospitalspass-this-alo/187309971321413
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    When all else fails.....use the race card?

    When all else fails.....use the race card? (correct link) Check out this link. http://www.thedailypage.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=52236 WTF...
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    A little PR on the Concealed Carry Legislation

    http://www.wisconsinreporter.com/conceal-carry-law-truth-in-sentencing-on-lawmakers-wish-lists Looks like we will be seeing some action in the very near future :D http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=292025 And a little more crap from the whitehouse
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    Hypocritical gun store???

    Am I the only one on this forum who finds a gun store that doesn't allow customers to open carry hypocritical? I went to a store/range today and was questioned why I was carrying in the store and was informed that only employees were allowed to defend themselves in that particular...
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    Arizona lawmakers approve bill allowing guns on rights of way on collegevcampus

    Arizona lawmakers approve bill allowing guns on rights of way on college campus http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_ARIZONA_CAMPUS_GUNS?SITE=INKEN&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT Come on Wisconsin, let's get going. :banghead:
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    Quaker steak and lube

    I was planning on going to Quaker steak and lube tomorrow for dinner, I know they're new to new Berlin but have been around in Madison for a while. Has anyone had any dealings with them? Are they OC friendly?
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    Optical open carry, and a hearty thank you!

    My wife's optometry practice is in the same building as my real estate office is. A few days ago a patient came in with a bag full of handguns, he was having problems sighting them in and wanted his eyes checked. He asked the doc if he could have the guns in her business and she laughed saying I...
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    Saukville Police

    I just completed Massad Ayoob's MAG-20 Class at the Saukville Police Department. I spent over 20hrs there this weekend, and all I can say is... I wished that I lived there! The police chief and other officers that I met were nothing short of outstanding and very professional. It was so...