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  1. J

    Moving to Idaho soon.

    We purchased a house North of CDA last fall and we will be moving there soon. I am currently a WA resident with an Idaho Enhanced Concealed weapons License. When I move how do I change my address on my license?
  2. J

    Assault weapons and Hi cap magazine ban introduced

    http://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=2354&year=2015#documents HB 2354 - 2015-16 There is a comment on this bill button to the right at the top, click on it fill out the info, comment and your comments will be sent to your elected officials, takes about 1 minute.
  3. J

    A post on disarming a random person carrying a firearm

    This is from another firearms group. "Maybe there should be an I saw you thread to out people for printing. I saw one idiot at Costco with his pistol just hanging around his knees because his pants were half off his butt. I thought to disarm him since it was so obvious and maybe get him to...
  4. J

    Moving to Idaho

    I have purchased a home in Idaho and will become a citizen of Idaho as soon as my house in Washington sells that could be 30 days or as long as next summer. I 594, the future tax increases I see on the horizon, future gun laws, crime rates and the political atmosphere that I believe is only...
  5. J

    I 594 Loop hole

    Godspyro over at Spokane Gun Trader (SGT) asked a good question today. "9.41.010 (9) "Firearm" means a weapon or device from which a projectile or projectiles may be fired by an explosive such as gunpowder. (10) "Gun" has the same meaning as firearm. If a "firearm" is missing a bolt, slide etc...
  6. J

    Leonard Pitts on OC in the Spokesman Review today

    http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/jun/09/leonard-pitts-jr-open-carry-a-new-idea/ Read the comments
  7. J

    Did RCW 9.41.300 change?

    Never mind the full text showed up. Please delete this thread.
  8. J

    City of Liberty Lake

    I have been working on getting the City of Liberty Lake to update their laws to come into compliance with state law for about 6 months tonight I recieved an email from Chief Brian Asmus stating that Liberty Lake has updated their ordnance to comply with state law at their last city council...
  9. J

    Spokane Open Carry Discussion Evening

    The Northwest Coalition of Patriots is sponsoring a discussion on Open Carry and firearms laws in general on the 24th of Oct 630 till 8 PM at Savageland Pizza, 700 S Dishman Mica RD. Spokane Washington. The Speakers will be myself, Jim Beal AKA DEROS72 organizer of the last 5 Second Amendment...
  10. J

    Spokane open carry dinner Cathay Inn 8/15 6 PM

    We did this about a year ago so its time to do it again. The Cathay Inn is located at 3714 N Division Spokane Wa.
  11. J

    Spokane City Counsel Meeting July 8th

    On Monday night Spokane City Counsel will vote on a new law to bring the City into compliance with state law RCW 9.41.0290. Currently it is unlawful to carry a firearm at the Spokane Arena, Joe Albi Stadium, INB and the Spokane Convention Center. Before everyone gets started I know it is...
  12. J

    Spokane Sheriff's Deputy talks about Open Carry

    Skip to about the 3:40 mark. Not bad for a Cop, not perfect but a few years ago the answer would have been way different We have come a long way in the last few years, congratulations to everyone that had and still has the intestinal fortitude to stuck their necks out in the beginning, you know...
  13. J

    The difference between Stevens County & King County

    I will be OCing to this event The Stevens County board of Commissioners passed a proclamation declaring April 2nd as "Second Amendment Appreciation Day". The event will be marked with a ceremony at 12:00 noon on 2 April on the County Courthouse lawn located at 215 S. Oak St, Colville. You will...
  14. J

    Fight for your 2nd Amendment rights Jan 19th Olympia

    Saturday the 19th at the State Capital, high noon, bring pro 2A signs and your family and friends. If you care about your rights show up its a few hours on one weekend to preserve your rights. I will be there all the way from Spokane. I have a crew cab pickup that I can offer a FREE ride to 4...
  15. J

    Brass Ball Awards

    1st a little back ground. I sent a friend, Jim, in Chicago a link to the KHQ-6 news story about me OCing to a Ron Paul rally. Jim thought that was a very brave but a very insane thing to do, remember Jim lives very near to Chicago, so he sent me a set of brass balls on a key ring. I had a good...
  16. J

    Spokane OC dinner Saturday March 24

    We have had several asking for a get together but no one would decide where so here it is folks. Dinner at 530 CATHEY INN 3714 N Division BobR myself and our brides will be there. Bob and I have both eaten there OC separately and together many many times with out issue. I recommend the Kung Pau...
  17. J

    Cathy Inn and Best Buy Spokane

    Had dinner tonight with my bride, BobR and his wife at the Cathy Inn on Division in Spokane, great meal, great conversation and most of all a warm welcome from the Cathy Inn staff nary a second look at the 1911s on our hips. After Dinner we went to Best Buy to pick up a new dryer. On the way...
  18. J

    Spokane Meeting Saturday September 24rd Donut Parade 9 AM

    I thought I would start a new thread incase someone missed this buried in the Moving to Spokane thread. I hope to see everyone there. We need to discuss the picnic scheduled for Oct.
  19. J

    Spokane Meeting Saturday April 23rd Donut Parade 9:30 AM

    Best donuts in town, last time the maple bars were served hot. Good coffee and the owners were very supportive of us. Whos showing??????
  20. J

    The new Eastern Washington Open Carry Banner has arrived

    Our new double sided gun show banner arrived today. I will make a new frame for it in the next few days. Fetch I will return the other one just as soon as I copy the frame. Thanks to M1Gnr for the art work files and the contact info to get this done.