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    Stop White Genocide in Montana!

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/publicly-applaud-montanans-who-voted-overwhelmingly-against-white-genocide-were-overruled-judge/lr9Kx8kg Publicly applaud montanans who voted overwhelmingly against white genocide were overruled by judge. Montanans voted overwhelmingly to deny state...
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    open carry of knives

    Anyone open carry knives? I'm only 13 so that's all I can do and I proudly do.
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    Why did the Australians give up their guns?

    Here in America if people try to take our guns we'll give them some of our ammunition if you know what I mean. At least a high percentage would. Why would you give up your guns in Australia?
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    Arizona Annex Southern California Petition

    Please sign my petition to free part of Southern California from California's tyrannical govenment bys signing my petition to allow Arizona to annex it. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/pet...ornia/rbY9b0kr
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    Riverside County Secession Petition!

    Please sign my petition to allow Riverside County to secede from California because of unjust laws and taxes. We need 150 signatures to become publically viewable so please help me to meet that goal. I plan to make ones for San Bernardino County,San Diego County,and Orange County...
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    Union Or Confederacy?

    If the American Civil War (2nd American Revoloution) happened again which side would you choose? I would choose the Confederacy because they were fighting for their freedom and the Union didin't want that. But I would like opinions from other people.
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    Georgia Open Carry Without Permit Petition!

    Please sign my petition to allow open carrying without permit in the state of Georgia. It's also to allow the carrying of a firearm within 150 feet of a polling station and to allow unlicensed persons to carry anywhere in a vehicle without a permit...
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    Stores that are friendly or not toward open carriers.

    I contacted chuck e cheese and they said no firearms were allowed. Here is what They said. Dear Dave, No firearms are allowed in any of our locations. We have signage posted near the front door at all of our locations stating our policy. Thank you for your time, Guest Relations I...
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    Heard of open carrying in Texas?

    Have you heard about any open carrying. I know it's illegal but have you heard any stories any way?
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    Constitutional Carry!

    Please sign this petition for nationwide open carry and concealed carry without permit. It needs 150 signatures to be publically viewable and 25,000 to get a response. With all the people coming on for the state secession petitions a Lot of people will sign this...
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    Texas Open Carry!

    Please sign this petition to allow the open carrying of firearms in the state of Texas. We need 25,000 signatures to get through and 150 to be publicaly viewable. Don't get me wrong I know that the whitehouse won't pass it but with all the people coming on for the state secession petititions a...
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    petition for no firearm regulations.

    Please sign this petition to allow the ownership of whatever firearms we want. AND to carry firearm in whatever way we want...
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    Great Video

    Watch this entertaining and educational video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tGk5ioEXlIM or if that didin't work go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGk5ioEXlIM The American Dream video.
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    Which stores allow open carry?

    Which stores allow open carry? I know starbucks does but i'm wondering if i could know some other stores that do or don't allow open carry?