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    Places to hide your weapons around the house

    Okay, turned 21 two months ago, and I am moving out on my own to an apartment. I wanna keep my WASR-10 (AKM) and Glock with me at my apartment and the rest of my guns back at my parents house in the safe. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to discreetly store guns around the house...
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    OMFG STUPID PEOPLE ALERT! - Fox six news story

    I had to turn off the T.V and try not to throw up after seeing this news segment. "What will it do to them long term?" omg stupid stupid lady. Informational meeting my ass, how about harrassment of a man who wants to open up a legal business...
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    This is who should really be in Washington, not Johnson and not Feingold!

    We need at least a few people like this guy in the U.S senate. I doubt it would happen but...... this is actually who I may vote for instead of Johnson. Just take a look. http://robtaylorforsenate.com/ "The right to bear arms is inherent in the right of self defense, defense...
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    "Hunting Bill Draws Fire"

    imported post http://www.jsonline.com/sports/outdoors/89652822.html The cover is off Senate Bill 222. And based on a majority of recent testimony, its odds of passage just got longer. A public hearing on SB 222 was held Wednesday at the Capitol by the Assembly Fish and Wildlife...
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    WI senate to consider uncased gun bill tuesday

    imported post Hey guys! haven't been signed on in a while, real busy working part time and going to school fulltime. Decker's bill looks like it will be up for debate on tuesday. http://host.madison.com/news/state-and-regional/wisconsin/article_eb036be2-abe8-5384-b05e-d1b7d34d7530.html...
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    "Cop Killer"Gun used in Fort Hood Shooting Officals Said

    imported post Look at this......really?........dispicable F*k ABC now http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/cop-killer-gun-thought-ft-hood-shooting/story?id=9019521 The gun thought to be used in the Fort Hood massacre packs so much firepower, it's known as 'the Cop Killer,' federal law...
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    NRA challenges local park gun bans in washington state

    imported post Okay so it appears washington has a pre-emption statute. Probobly not the same as ours but still inspiring.Lets see if we can do something like this as well. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2010154649_webgunban28m.html
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    Reporting lost or stolen guns possible legislation in Wisconsin

    imported post I saw this on the news sometime when that officer got shot a week or so ago. Proposed legislation by amilwaukee representative coggs that would make it a crime if you didn't report to the authorities if your gun was lost or stolen with in 48 hours. Here is the link...
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    No second ammendment in national Gov't textbooks?

    imported post Well I just got done with the civil liberties and civil rights section in my college national government and politics today course. There was no mention of the second ammendment..... I go back to the index to see where the second ammendment is discussed, it's only on two pages...
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    Attorny issues warning about testing opinion on open carry of firearms

    imported post Waukesha — A municipal attorney is cautioning areas communities about gun owners "testing" local response to an attorney general's opinion on open carrying of firearms. Attorney Eric Larson, whose firm represents more than 30 local governments, wrote in a memo that individuals or...
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    South Milwaukee attempting to enact pre-empted ordinance

    imported post Okay well I have been following this closely as I am a resident. I have contacted the police department three times and just got a copy of the ordinance they want to enact. Here is the exact wording. Section 23.03 Firearms Prohibited. (1) It is unlawful for any person to carry...
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    State pre-emption violations, Action needed

    imported post There are many communites/localities that are in confliction with the state pre-emption statute. Now I just read about washington's picnic and how they challanged the pre-empted ordinance. Well now we in WIsconsin need to think about what we need to abut this. Building off of...
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    Open carry illegal in Milwaukee County Parks

    imported post I have been calling for the last two days about how Milwaukee COunty ordinance 47.05 is in non-compliandce with state statute 66.0409. State statute 66.0409 Milwaukee county ordinance 47.05 Use of firearms and fireworks; hunting with bow and arrow; trapping. No person shall...
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    Time to get a milwaukee open carry map

    imported post Okay so as open carriers we always have to be aware of statutes, one of them which is the school zone law. I hope in my free time over the next week or two to make a map listing the "school zones" in Milwaukee county. As John pierce said we may see an influx in those who choose to...
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    College and the Second Ammendment

    imported post Well this is my first semester at college. In college we write many papers of course, some of which you are allowed to use your own subject manner. I find myself writing a great deal about the second ammendment for many reasons. I can find tons of information on it, it has a pro...
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    Wisconsin CBS News 58 video report on open carry victory!

    imported post http://cbs58.com/index.php?aid=6418- CBS 58 aired it on t.v today and talked to the neighbors too.
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    Making the most out of "traget practice"

    imported post My current condition only allows me to target practice once or twice a month. I am working my way through college right now so I am limited in money. I am 19 and the local gun range doesn't allow anyone under 21 to shoot a pistol there, so I have to go up north to shoot on public...
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    Carrying the right holster for the right situation

    imported post Well to start off I have 2 holsters already, 1 cheap unclemikes nylon or whatever fabric that is, that I carry in the woods with me, it has a crappy strap but the main thing I need to worry about in the woods is keeping my gun in the holster till I need to use it. I also have a...
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    The door bell rings at midnight.. what next?

    imported post Well last night we had a little disturbance, my sister who is 21 and used tolive between our house and her boyfriends did something to bring the police to our house. The whole family was sleeping besides my mom who got off an hour earlier from work, the police came a little after...
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    Local ordinance vs. state law

    imported post Hunters this year are able to use rifles for hunting deer in CWD areas, the local muncipalities are not happy about this and are trying to make an ordinance to make it unlawfull in the areas not to use rifles. I use a rifle for coyote hunting in southern kettlemoraine, i thought...