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    Sheriff Shane Johnson Intimidation - Video Response

    All, In response to my Civil Rights Lawsuit, Sheriff Shane Johnson of Lincoln County has repeatedly contacted my employer with the hopes of intimidating and coercing me. This is my video response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGAqKt_ZZo At this point, the legal options have been exhausted...
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    Open Carry Case Lost - 10th Circuit Appeal

    All, I know you've been following my illegal arrest outside of Alpine in Aug 2011. To update you guys, Judge Skavdahl originally granted summary judgement to the defense. We appealed to the 10th Circuit, but lost that, too. Basically, the 10th Circuit said that: - By saying "I don't consent to...
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    Pierson v Bassett et al Appeal Filed

    All, My appeal to the 10th Circuit Court has been officially filed. The case number is 13-8019. If you would like to help, please call the following and demand that this case be allowed before a jury: Capt Stetzenbach Phone 307-877-3971 jstetzenbach@lcwy.org Sheriff Shane Johnson Phone...
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    Lawsuit Help Needed

    All, I posted a little while back that we were appealing the dismissal of my lawsuit against Lincoln County Sheriff's office. Here's the Youtube video in case someone needs it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXwW2nrV0bY Now, Captain John Stetzenbach said in an AP story that he really wanted...
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    Lawsuit Update for 2013

    All, There has been a small delay with the lawsuit. The opinion has not yet been released and there WILL be an appeal; I promise you that. "Such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. The sun needs no inscription to distinguish...
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    Lawsuit Update

    All, My trial is still scheduled for Jan 20th. We've just completed the depositions of the primary responding officers, Capt, and Sherrif of Lincoln County. Pretty incredible (in a bad way) stuff in there and I'll release more as my lawyer authorizes it. I travel to Cheyenne this weekend for...
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    Cops Will Use Your Posts

    All, Some of you are aware of my open lawsuit against Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept in Wyoming. I decided to post the audio/video on here and Youtube to keep everyone informed, clear up some errors in the newspaper reporting, and find a few local allies. Success all around. Just keep in mind...
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    Combining Vehicle and Pedestrian Carry

    All, I'm riding my Harley up to Montgomery on the 14th of Jun and have two scenarios I'd like help with...and I have a FL Permit: 1. Officer stops me for a driving offense, but does not see the weapon. Once I've stepped OFF my motorcycle (or "outside" I suppose) to retrieve my documents, am I...
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    Open Carry Arrest Audio/Video

    All, Here is the audio from my lawsuit. All comments and points of view welcomed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXwW2nrV0bY
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    Officer Safety

    During gun debates/discussions I'm frequently asked about "officer safety" or something similar. Instead of my typical response of "the state exists to protect the rights of people, not the power of the state", I'm just going to bring up the facts/figures. Here are the Top 10 Most Dangerous...
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    Need a Lawyer

    Back in Aug I had a run in with the law near Jackson Hole. They unlawfully detained me and cuffed me for open carrying and I'd like to file suit. The Second Amendment Foundation set me up with a lawyer in Cheyenne, but I had to fire him. Now, I'm looking for some help finding another lawyer to...
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    A Patriot's Response to OC Ban

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    Fact Check

    All, I've recently been stationed in Pensacola and will be visiting family in Montgomery often. Please make sure I understand this... 1. OC is 100% legal in Alabama. 2. "Property not your own" does not restrict you from carrying, but some members have been convicted anyway. Honestly, I'm a...
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    Police Identification

    I know the stop and identify laws for myself, but I can't find anything about whether or not a cop must identify himself prior to my cooperation. Any thoughts or can someone point me in the right direction?
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    Critique My Letter

    Criticism welcome... "Servant of the People, Firstly, congratulations on your campaign victory. You may with confidence know that you received my vote and that I have faith in your ability and character. This support, however, comes with a non-negotiable price: The strict adherence to...
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    Help Writing Letter

    I'm currently in Afghanistan and about 6 months out from moving back to Florida. I want to write a letter to the Gov/Senators/Reps about open carry and request your input. If anyone has had success with letters or getting a response I'd love to hear your method and/or suggestions. There is now...
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    Motorcycle Cross Country Options

    Next summer I'm going to ride from California to North Carolina on the "open carry, no helmet" route in conjunction with military orders. My route takes me from San Diego to Salton Sea and then up to Blythe where I'll enter America on I-10 and press on. What I'm trying to do is get a feel for...
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    South Chipotle in Longmont.

    I've been studying OC for a bit, but just now got a chance to really do it. I'd appreciate comments, better techniques, etc concerning my encounter today. My rig: riding on a motorcycle with a stainless 1911 inside a horizontally mounted shoulder holster. I was waiting in front of the store...
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    Jacksonville - Good Experience

    imported post A buddy and I live near the Richlands area and were heading into J-Vegas to run errands. He carried a 5 in, black 1911 and I had my stainless, 10mm 1911. Both were carried at about the 3 o'clock on our hips. We stopped at a U-Haul first without incident. There were times hooking...
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    Holster Carry

    imported post I'm an active duty Marine moving to Oahu and surrendering my rights with the rest of you. Does anyone know offhand: 1. if I can carry an EMPTY holster around in protest? 2. if I can buy a mounted holster for my Harley and display it empty? 2. if I can call the police department...