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Recent content by Dave H.

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    County park sign

    Went to the county river/park by the Clackamas river and this is the sign they had up. looking the cc ord. it does say chl is exempt but you have to look for it on line and take about 5-10 min. to find it.
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    OC Home Depot

    My wife and I went to home depot in Oregon city and as we were walking in, a police officer was walking a guy out in hand cuffs. The leo looked at me and said nothing, had a store clerk come up to us and asked if we needed help, and on our way out to pay a guy that was just ahead of us had paid...
  3. D

    OCing Clackamas Co. fair

    Went to the county fair in Canby and was ocing , no one said anything to me about it nor stopped me either at the gate or inside. Had a couple security guards look at me but didn't approach me and had several Clackamas sheriffs watch me from a afar but didn't say nor approach me. I did have a...
  4. D

    Lawful order by leo

    I tried looking this subject up and couldn't find anything. Question is, when is it a lawful order from a leo ?? A police officer makes contact with you and tells you sit down on curb while he tries to identify you. Tells you to keep your hands out of your pockets. Wants to put cuffs on you...
  5. D

    ccl class needed??

    Hey all, I looked all over and couldn`t find the answer I needed. I was told that if I had a hunter education card that covers gun safety I wouldn`t need to take a ccl class when I got to the sheriffs office to apply for a ccl. Anyone know if this is true ??